Friday, September 30, 2022

Albert-Poyotte Reiterates Commitment To Improving Conditions For The Police

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Home Affairs Minister Virginia Albert-Poyotte has restated her commitment to improving working conditions for members of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) amid plans for a new police station at Gros Islet.

The Minister spoke as she and other government officials toured the existing Gros Islet police station last week.

It is slated for demolition to make way for a new building to house the Northern Headquarters of the RSLPF, and officials expect construction to begin in January.

“I did promise that we would improve the lot of the police so that they have better working conditions in order for them to operate very efficiently and effectively in the society to combat a lot of the social ills that we have and to bring greater peace and tranquility in our society,” Albert-Poyotte told reporters.

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The Babonneau MP, whose responsibilities also include the Public Service, Labour, and Gender Affairs, observed that sooner rather than later, construction will start because Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has given the directive to start the work.

Minister for Youth Development and Sports Kenson Casimir was part of the touring party last week.

“We know that we are dealing with low morale within the ranks of the police, exhausted police dealing with COVID-19 and of course the crime situation and so we are putting our best foot forward to ensure they are comfortable. The proposed site for the Northern division is the current police station and we believe we have something the police will be more than comfortable with. Once we commence and complete construction they can go back to work and work in the best interest of keeping our people safe,” Casimir, who is the MP for Gros Islet, stated.

For his part, the officer in charge of the station, Assistant Superintendent Sean Alexander, explained that despite the challenges they face, the officers are committed to giving their best.

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  1. When y’all start to address the crime situation which is out of hand then I will clap. For now, y’all ain’t saying nothing of substance and that’s a fail

  2. Lady I see you trying , respect that👊🏿. My lady from since last administration the officers are on silent protest. I understand all essential services have been stretch but we don’t have 160 officers guarding the respiratory. My local police station don’t have 80 officers on duty. We don’t 400 officers on a shift at a time , if so, question, where the hell are the rest of them . These questions need to answered because as far we are being told there are 1000 + officers. Police can’t stop crime, I agree. I witnessed a young man with no helmet, no shirt and a firearm in his pants. By the time the police will be ready to enforce the law it will be too late. Someone told me to find officers go to the private villas in the north you will see them guarding people of wealth. I refuse to believe them.

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