Albert-Poyotte Says No Timeline For Phasing Out Old Passports

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Home Affairs Minister Virginia Albert-Poyotte told reporters on Tuesday, one day after Saint Lucia officially launched its new e-passport, that there’s no timeline for phasing out the old travel documents.

She spoke as Saint Lucians converged on the Immigration Department in Castries to obtain travel documents.

‘All we know is within five years we would have rolled out all persons who should have new e-passports,” the Babonneau MP disclosed.

In this regard, the Minister explained that the authorities expect people to renew their passports when their travel documents expire.

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According to Albert-Poyotte, people who received their passports last week have to wait for the next five years to renew.

As a result, she told reporters there’s no need to rush to get e-passports now.

However, she observed that the new travel document has additional security measures that are in the best interest of people travelling to places like the United States, Britain, and the Caribbean.

Albert-Poyotte disclosed that those countries may stipulate that they would not accept the old passport.

“So if they put pressure on us then our people will be forced to renew their passports even before they expire,” the Minister noted.

But she said passport renewal was not mandatory.

The new e-passport costs XCD 250 for five years.

Albert-Poyotte described the price as being on par with what obtains in the other Islands.

“There is nothing exorbitant about the price of the passport here. What happened is the passports cost $80. People have been paying $80 for passports, not knowing that the government has been subsidising that passport for a while,” the Minister told reporters.

She observed that the country is facing difficult times and the government is already subsidising many other things.

“We are not even going to raise the money to pay the cost of the passport. Government still has to subsidise it to a point and there are persons who applied for the passport – some people have been waiting for the e-passport. So these persons since they had already contributed, government is willing to give it to them at the price they paid,” the Minister told reporters.




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  1. My goodness. If there is no time line why did you stop issue of passports. Miss poyotte . Sigh. This mess is getting crazier. Yall can’t talk, speak,nor explain anything. The Prime Minister almost swallows his tongue every time he sees a mic. Your self sounding like a
    Japanese speaking Dutch in a creole accent. Chooooooops

  2. The same people that complaing that the passporte fees are too low,are those that gathering the crowd and creates problem, instead of of protesting the are the first on line.
    Just as the hard working employees begging for a minimum wage, those are them that opposing !

  3. I would like to know the differences between e-passports for caricom countries, which only in 🇱🇨 St-Lucia the fees are$250+ for a period of five yrs.
    While européenne bio-metric passeports are for a period of 10yrs and pays less as 30💶 for adults for both ID and passeport.
    And for children under age only 20 💶.
    And they do have social aid, but we, from indépendant to depend.
    What is a e passporte ?
    It is an authorisation système (close watch), L’atias, européenne travel information and travel and
    authorisations système close watch,by the européenne commission to allow tight sécurité measures of electronic travel ✈️
    For now, there are 60 countries elgitable,and has not yet finalized, that may be there are more countries to be added.
    And so for those countries which is eligible, Citizens will not required visa, but will requires an électronique authorisation applications on line for only ten 💶. According to informations that reached me…..

  4. @Nooks apparently you knew everybody business on the line that was there before you and after you . so yall born, don’t take time and listen but AWAJAY to give people chat.

  5. the st lucia government stupid as usual. by now, there should be a thorough review of the visa free for all asundry coming to st lucia. this would give the government much needed revenue just like it does for the US and other countries. instead of rushing e-passports u people should be rushing e-visas so government can create additional revenue streams. as far as i see it; we should be visa exempt to only a few countries; the whole EU, CARICOM, Britain, Canada and the US. and all other nations should pay for e-visa. our black fools in government don’t know how to make money.

  6. Most of the CARICOM countries passports are valid for 10 years. These people think they can fool us. Its not on par with the other islands.

  7. Yesterday, was horrible. After standing in the line for 2 hours, we were informed that the system was down; come back tomorrow. My suggestion, use the digigov site to allow clients to make a booking by entering their data and generating a date and time to submit their applications. Time slots could be in blocks of 10 persons at a time. You arrive with a QR code on your phone to authenticate your presence.

    • not only that to but I can guarantee you that most of the people standing there will not travel or are not going to travel anytime soon, they just making the line long for no reason and wasting other peoples time that have more pressing matters to attend to. Thats just us as Lucians and how we operate, from time something new comes out we dont need it urgently but we rushing to get it.

      If tomorrow there is an announcement that they will be changing the look of the birth certificates you will see the amount of people that will be standing outside the office of civil status

      • g.w- i was there online for 8 hrs yesterday so that crap you talking about people on the line not going to travel is asininely false!! People there had their proof of travel–booking confirmations, some were scheduled to travel as early as Wednesday 27th July. I personally have been trying to renew mine for months and have been turned away and told to wait for the launch of this new one! Yol need to stop emitting crap out of yol mouthz and taret the real problem at hand– the policy makers not helping malaway–you ever see a CIP lawyer take line? You ever see a P.S or Minister or their jabals take line?

  8. This is the Minister of something!?? Seriously!??? I have second hand embarrassment. No, No, No. People who got their passport renewed in the last couple of years, should at least get the updated version of E-Passport at a discount of the priced paid. Idiots. Can you all get anything right!?? By washing your hands off the latest technology requirements, you only make it complex for the traveler using the old system, where the more updated technology is accepted, when travelling for the next few years.


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