Albert-Poyotte Tells SLFS Recruits: ‘I Expect Nothing Less Than The Best’

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Home Affairs Minister Dr. Virginia Albert-Poyotte has urged 49 new Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) recruits to strive for excellence, declaring that although many needed the opportunity, limited places meant that the service could not accommodate everyone.

“So those of you who have gotten the opportunity, I hope that you-all profit from it, take advantage and make maximum use of it. So that you-all are out to serve your country, you-all are out to serve your people, and you give out your best and I expect nothing less than the best,” the Babonneau MP, who is also responsible for the public service, stated.

She observed that the recruits are part of the public service and are responsible for serving the public efficiently and effectively.

The Minister spoke during an interview on Monday in which she said she was pleased that her very first commitment to the Saint Lucia Fire Service has become a reality.

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When SLFS officials highlighted an acute shortage of staff to the Minister during her first courtesy call in October, she promised that she and Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre would promptly address the matter.

As a result, last week, the Fire Service announced that 49 young people were down for rigorous training to become fire officers.

“I am very pleased that finally we have been able to secure the staffing component for the Saint Lucia Fire Service, and as a new government, we have expressed our appreciation for the work that the Fire service has done especially in combatting COVID-19. So Government gave a commitment that we would try our best to ensure that they are fully staffed. We know that there are quite a few retired officers who have moved on or transferred or resigned from the service and therefore it was not possible for the Fire Service to continue to work with inadequate staffing,” Albert-Poyotte stated.

In addition, she explained that the Government of Saint Lucia also saw it fitting to ensure that the Fire Service had full staffing due to the tremendous work it did in combating COVID-19, especially during the fourth wave.

And the Minister noted that there would be heightened expectations during the new year that the Fire Service will be in a better position to sustain its culture of excellent service delivery to the nation.

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  1. Dr.Poyotte, great speech to the NEW FIREMEN AND WOMEN – “So that you-all are out to serve your country, you-all are out to serve your people, and you give out your best and I expect nothing less than the best.”

    I sincerely hope you continue to monitor them to ensure your expectation is met. Now while you are at it, can you also have a talk with the Policemen and women who seem to make every police in the world look bad. I do not mean the hardworking ones – I am pointing fingers at the slackers. Those individual who should be fired for not serving the people. Can you have a pep talk with them and set your expectations with them.

    Thank You – I am waiting to hear your speech with them.

  2. Wish each recruit the best. It’s a job filled with responsibility and fraught with danger. Hopefully, they are able to obtain strong mentorship.

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