Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Albert-Poyotte Unapologetic After Controversial COVID-19 Vaccine Remarks

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Labour Minister Virginia Albert-Poyotte, who has come under fire for recent remarks regarding COVID-19 vaccination, has told reporters that she makes no apologies for encouraging people to take the jab for their good and the good of the rest of society.

At the same time, she reiterated the government’s stand on vaccine mandates.

“We have always said that the government has not reached a point where we talk about mandatory vaccines. We still look at persuasion. We have a learned community, we have people who are highly intelligent in Saint Lucia and I believe they will read and explore the science and what has been happening locally, regionally and internationally,” Albert-Poyotte asserted.

And she explained that Saint Lucia could not isolate itself from what is happening in the rest of the world.

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In this regard, the Minister, who also has responsibility for the Public Service, Home Affairs, and Gender Affairs, explained that Saint Lucia could not do things independently without collaborating with the rest of the world.

Recently she told reporters that people could not just say they are not taking the COVID-19 vaccine unless for health reasons.

The Minister also told reporters that people who refuse to take the vaccine would have to remain a slave to masks, sanitisation, and social distancing for the rest of their lives.

On the other hand, she expressed that vaccinated individuals should have the freedom to move around without any masks because they are fully protected.

Albert-Poyotte said she was fully vaccinated.

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  1. Know the Facts my people.
    At some point in time Caricom countries will have to come together to decide on the action to be taken unless this pandemic will cripple the economies of small developing counties especially those in the Caribbean. Students, businesses, employees, transportation, farmers have all been hit by the pandemic and people are concerned about the loss related to the current pandemic and the worst is yet to come.
    With facts we can all make the best decisions for ourselves and our families.
    Now more than ever is the time for every citizen to take precautions to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. Omicron variant is spreading quickly and to fight back it is important that we arm ourselves with the facts and continue getting Vaccinated, Washing our Hands, Wearing our Masks and Social Distancing.
    Together, let’s protect ourselves and others!!

  2. While you 😀 smile on the schems of the devil, are those words to go unanswered ?Is this taken to be vindicated ? Even your idle talk will reduce men to silence ! That no one to rebuke you when you mock God :’Oh,how i wish that God would not reveals to me the secret of wisdom ?
    Can you fathom the mysteries of God ?
    Surely he recognizes you and the deceitful men ;and when they sees evil does not take note .

    Remember O LORD, what is hidden under the 🌞 Look !And see our disgrace ! Put an end, for this is a greivous acts that is happening to the inhabitants of the earth !
    “Away with you !” Rid the earth of them ?
    For it is overpopulated ?

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