Friday, September 30, 2022

Albert-Poyotte Urges Unity Against Crime, Says Criminals Sending ‘Very Strong Message’

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Home Affairs Minister Dr. Virginia Albert-Poyotte has urged a united front in response to what she says is a very strong message that criminals are sending.

She spoke in the aftermath of Saturday night’s fatal shooting of off-duty police officer Nathan Timaitre and the wounding of his colleague.

“I think that is a very strong message that the criminals are sending to the citizens and the government of Saint Lucia and we have to get our act together, come as a united force to deal with the criminal situation,” the Babonneau MP told reporters.

She described the incident at Bocage, Castries, where Constable Timaitre lost his life, and Special Police Constable Isaac Calvin alias King sustained severe injury as a sad situation and sympathised with their families and the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF).

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On Monday morning, as the Minister fielded questions from reporters, she said she was awaiting details regarding the incident.

“It is a clear indication that there are no borders, no boundaries for criminals. I don’t think any of us will feel safe or protected unless all of us come together as one society to combat crime,” Albert-Poyotte asserted.

She reiterated previous assertions that citizens have a significant role in supporting the police.

And Albert-Poyotte also spoke of the need to achieve greater sophistication in using technology to advance the battle against crime.

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  1. Jesus is the answer. No police or government can stop crime. We need more prayers in this country. The government should invest in more bibles and spiritual empowerment for the citizens, than in vehicles for police officers. Its clear that the criminals are on the loose. Yet God is waiting for us to serve him sincerely to help this country. If we do not seek God now things will get bad. We need national days of prayer and fastings. We must do it or else we wouldn’t even be able to stay in this land. Lets serve God and learn to love eachother.

  2. Since you represent Babonneau, then you should know – if you say you dont know, quit the job. Who let that murderer out of Jail? why after all that time, no one dare answer that question? something smells fishy. Its not going to get better, but the questions will keep coming. Lord God, we need your help. What ever and whom ever has to be cleaned out, Lord do it. We need the truth.

  3. Lady what are you trying to say… clean out cabinet ministers and then you can shell and com again. Until then stay in your panty

  4. It is imperative that citizens support the police in combating crime. Crime is an existential threat to the safety and security of every St.Lucian. The quality of policing is absolutely essential in public safety and crime prevention. Investment in technology is a small part of crime prevention in St. Lucia. We need to increase the number of police and support law officers. Police visibility in our communities during day and night is critical. We need the illegal guns off the streets by any means necessary. The enforcement of gun laws should be a deterrent to possession of illegal guns.

  5. What strong message wigwam? This friends, wives and jabals only club called the SLP government has turned out to be a big joke and waste of time. Y’all more frustrating and angering people with crap yall doing. One set of people plate full and others starving. So disappointed in SLP and their arrogant, greedy cabal. We can’t survive 4 and a half more years of this misery! Help us!

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