Thursday, September 29, 2022

Albert-Poyotte Visits Families Of Cops Who Were Ambushed

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Minister for Home Affairs Honourable Dr. Virginia Albert-Poyotte on Friday, March 11, 2022 visited the family of deceased Police Constable PC863 Nathan Timaitre.

A special visit was also paid to SPC 83 Calvin Isaac better known as “Officer King” and his family.

Minister Albert-Poyotte was joined by a small delegation comprising Commissioner of Police Mr. Milton Desir, Deputy Permanent Secretary Mr. Ricky Quinlan, Assistant Commissioner of Police Mrs. Cruscita Descartes – Pelius, Staff Officer ASP Bernard Gaston and other representatives of the Department of Home Affairs.

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The Minister for Home Affairs assured the Dieudonnie and Timaitre families, as well as Officer King who was directly impacted by the tragic incident on the night of Saturday, 5th of March, 2022, that the entire island is in mourning along with them and is praying for them at this difficult time.

“Well I had to touch base with the victims of this tragic incident that hit the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force and I touched based with the family of Officer Nathan Timaitre expressed our condolences and gave the personal touch to show that we care for the family and his loved ones and that we will continue to do what is possible to support them and continue the fight against criminal activities in the country. The Government remains committed to that and we touched based with Officer King who is actually on the road to recovery and with my presence and some of the officers with me, I think that will give him the encouragement to continue to keep the faith so that he recovers speedily and we hope to see him back on duty to continue to keep our country safe” Minister Albert-Poyotte said.

The family of Police Constable PC863 Nathan Timaitre has expressed heartfelt gratitude to the Government for the tremendous outpouring of support that has been demonstrated towards the family, the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force and by extension and the general public for commiserating with them at this time of loss and sadness.


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  1. Virginia I regret voting for u, if I’m alive next election you lost 8 votes from my house hold ,my dad and brother died hours apart you said you would help in whatever way you can and my mother told you if u can’t help let her know because she knows the present situation where the previous government didn’t leave any money but I mean not a call to say yes I can or no I can’t
    Just another stupid politician, you could have called my home election day to ask if they went to vote already but a simple call just to show that u have a heart you couldn’t do that one smfh

  2. Perhaps you should pose for a picture with the gunmen if they catch them .
    This country is home to some of ugliest .

  3. While I applaud the efforts made by the minister and though it may have been genuine, photos were not necessary. At a time like this just the visit without the photo op would have been enough. I also hope that the minister visits the family of the other 15 people who have been murdered this year.

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