Alcohol Warning Issued To Saint Lucia Police

Acting Police Commissioner Milton Desir has issued an alcohol warning to officers, telling them that action will be taken against cops selling alcohol without a licence, or consuming liquor on the job.

“I am just hoping the reports I got are not true,” Desir told reporters Thursday.

He disclosed that he had sent a warning to officers in the event that they are engaging in the practice.

“We would like officers when they are dealing with situations, when they are dealing with the public – responding to situations, that they are sober and well-equipped to handle situations,” the Acting Police Chief stated.

“These are situations that have a high tendency of going wrong,” Desir asserted.

He disclosed that the reports relating to police officers and alcohol came from officers themselves.

According to Desir, no specific area was highlighted.

“It was just said that certain stations or units may be involved in the sale of alcohol whilst on duty,” he told reporters.

The senior police official pointed out that it is an offence to sell alcohol without a licence.

“I am not saying it is happening, however when I got the report I instructed that if it is happening it should stop,” he explained.

A July 1st letter from Desir to all police officers announced that with immediate effect there would be no exposing of or sale of liquor at any police station, unit or department.

“Any social activity which would require the use of alcoholic beverages by police officers at any police station, unit or department, must receive the permission of the Commissioner of Police via the relevant chain of command,” the document, a copy of which was obtained by St Lucia Times, said.

The letter cited selected portions of the Liquor Licence Act.

The Police Act Cap. 14.01 allows for the establishment of police canteens approved by the Commissioner, at which ‘the keepers thereof may sell intoxicating liquors by retail to members of the force’.

According to the act, the Police Commissioner may make rules in regard to the hours of operation of the canteens and their proper management.

“Despite the provisions of the Liquor Licence Act and the Trade Licences Act, the keepers of such canteens will be exempted from the payment of any licence for the sale of intoxicating liquor and tobacco,” the document states.


  1. Choiseul and soufriere police officers are famous for that. I am naming them. They need t ok stop, be sober on the job to handle situations properly and not like mad people.

  2. Just do it no notice.. it’s high time to set an example to themselves and society no respect I’m seeing them all the time..

  3. mr apc you are very naive. your very own officer are making the report yet you still saying you not saying its happening. come on man.

  4. When you call for a report, majority of the times they tell you that the vehicle is out, and when you passing you seeing that same vehicle parked by the bars for hours. If they spent less time at bars drinking and more time patrolling, maybe we would see in difference in crimes. The corporals worse than the regulars. The vehicle is their personal vehicles for trips to the bars

  5. Of course its true…desir playing dek dek, well maybe he isnt playing… lawyers are called to the bar
    ..policemen are called from the

  6. ….its the norm as far back as I know for your local police officer to pass thru especially if he is from town to take a shot and big up the fellows and chat politics/sports or chat a gyal and go back out it’s part of policing in St Lucia that’s the kind of people we are.

  7. St Lucia getting worse instead of better!!!
    Name and shame these cops! Get rid of them …
    most cops corrupt anyway
    Dont want to do their jobs … just Drive round doing nothing!
    Disgraceful state of affairs on this island ….

  8. I can’t comprehend this ““I am not saying it is happening, however when I got the report I instructed that if it is happening it should stop,” he explained.”

    But Mr Commissioner by your own admission you said it was reported to you by other officers!!!!

    Come on guys think before you speak because at the moment (long before) every time you and a lot of the current MPs open your mouths is a bag of contradictions.

    Simple solution due random alcohol tests on officers and high ranking civil servants,

    Per captia St Lucia has the highest number of functioning alcoholics in the civil service.

    • Where in the commissioner’s warning you see he ever said the report came or was made by officers? Ya’ll Lucians seeing reading and understanding what ya’ll want.

  9. Mr Commissioner, when are you going to issue a warning to the politicians who continue to indulge in corruptions in st lucia? When will direct purchase start slowing down we all know that is where re the bobol is.

  10. Well I have never seen a police officer consuming alcohol while on duty but they buy lots of coco cola soft drinks from the vendors in castries town don’t know why

  11. Some of them going to unlicensed bar whilst on duty to drink because the person is their friend. They are so smart in doing their trick they would dress in their ordinary clothes. Desir take a drive up La Toc hill on Thursday evening in a small car park there you will find some of them.

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