Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Alert Level Raised For La Soufrière Volcano In Saint Vincent

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Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister, Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, Tuesday announced that the alert level of La Soufrière Volcano has been raised to orange.

In making the announcement, Gonsalves recalled that a number of seismic events have been recorded since November 1st.

“Routine observations made by NASA for hotspots across the globe indicated a hotspot within the crater of La Soufrière and on the 29th of December, additional satellite images indicated an extension of this hotspot,” the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines PM disclosed.

“We ourselves got reports and there’s a resident in Rose Hall who indicated that there were greyish white emissions being seen above the general area of the crater,” he stated.

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According to Gonsalves, on Tuesday a team from the Seismic Monitoring unit visited the crater.

They reported, among other things, strong gas emissions.

“What we have had today is an effusive eruption – an oozing eruption, internal within the crater itself with visible gas and steam coming out,” Gonsalves said.

He explained that the increased activity has raised the alert level to orange.

Gonsalves said when there’s no activity, the level is green, while if there is some activity – ‘a little restlessness’, the alert is raised to yellow, followed by orange because there was an effusive eruption which may end up as an explosive eruption.

Nevertheless he recalled that in 1971-72 a similar ‘oozing’ occurred, but the volcano quieted down afterwards until in 1979 there was ‘a big bang’ eruption.

Gonsalves urged residents in nearby communities to be on the alert.

“At relatively short notice, you may get – may get an order to evacuate if in fact we get the scientific information that an explosive eruption will be occurring or at least the likelihood of it.”

But Gonsalves made it clear that no evacuation order had been given.

He disclosed that a Regional Security System (RSS) aircraft was on standby to fly in experts from Trinidad and Tobago with specialised equipment to conduct monitoring of the volcano.

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