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Alexander says no to illegal worker amnesty

Joseph Alexander, the Executive Director of the Saint Lucia Employers Federation (SLEF), has said no to any amnesty for non-nationals working here illegally, while giving his full support to a crackdown on persons who are illegally employed here.

The crackdown was announced recently by Labour Minister, Stephenson King.

“I would support the minister 100 percent,” Alexander declared, while observing that the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) should have had a free movement of people initiative in place.

He recalled that it is now some 40 years since CARICOM countries should have come together to implement movement of people.

The SLEF Executive Director recalled that Saint Lucia could not wait and chose to pursue the free movement initiative with other member countries of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS).

Alexander explained that Saint Lucia has implemented amnesties before for non-nationals working in the country illegally but the provisions have not worked.

“It is unfair that Saint Lucia would have unemployment of over 20 percent and illegal workers are coming into Saint Lucia to take jobs that are not even available,” Alexander observed.

He asserted that the stage has been reached where CARICOM has to come together on the issue of free movement of people.

“If they are not going to do that then we are not going to suffer,” the SLEF Executive Director stated.

“What is preventing CARICOM from having free movement of people?” He asked.

Alexander observed that apart from Barbados, which he said is over populated, none of the other CRICOM countries is over populated.

“So why are we afraid to have people move around? Let’s put our heads together,” he said.


  1. This fool looks like he needs a bottle of cheap liquor. Get your office organized, maybe you will find something in the archives. No one should put their heads together with yours, they might just put too much sense into you!!!!!. DONALD!!!!

  2. With all due respect to Lucians, we are comingg to Saint Lucia to work and take jobs because most of the Lucians dont want to work, or when they are working they are not efficient. I have been in places where Lucians instead of working they go and smoke weed the entire day, and dont do whta they are supose to do, they dont have respect for their jobs, and they are taking it for granted. So we come here, actually appretiating the oportunity and we grab it, because we take work very serious, that is the means to support our families so we give it all. Now i am sure that some will attack me now, i dont care, truth hurts. Instead of blaming the goverment, ask yourself, what are you doing to improve the the country?.


    Dr Gale T C Rigobert recently visited UWI students in Trinidad and told them that your birth certificate no longer guarantees employment.

    If St Lucians wanted the jobs and were willing to work there would be no demand for illegal non-nationals.

    Even in Trinidad currently there is a shortage of workers in the fast food industry with companies such as Rituals requesting CARICOM workers since their profit margins are being negatively affected.

    Frankly its only old backward people such as donald trump who hold views like Alexander’s.

    Young people like myself who attained foreign employment and send monthly remittances back to St Lucia fully appreciate the value of globalization.

    My $.02

  4. What is going on with you’ll position men in society.
    Majority of st.lucians eh even wana work.
    Look the job one will find the most foreigners doing in st.lucia is SECURITY.
    How many of us st.lucians want to do a security job.its really tiring …….
    I always knew that you’ll were up for destruction ………..
    I wanted chamge so I voted for change.Thats not the kind a change I want to see in st.lucia.
    Let’s treat our dear Caribbean friends with love.If they are working illegally let’s give them some time to put their acts in order.
    When I travel to other Caribbean countries, they speak so highly about our sweet Helen St.lucia.
    The warmth of the people,our government and the good treatment they get when they come down here to work.whether legally or illegally(work permit).
    Go ahead ask the Chinese,Jamaicans,Guyanese and the many others who are leaving here about this isle.
    Tell me , it’s all positive vibes u getting from them man!!!!
    They gut great stuff to say bout Sweet Helen.

    • Would u take up a security job for 4;50 an hour 12 hours a day with one day off no one should work for less than 10 dollars an hour the companies paying them to pay the security but they pocket the money to live lavish lifestyle and pay Jamaicans and Guyanesse 4;25 an hour start paying 10dollars an hour so st lucians can be motivated to work all the security companies are a bunch of crooks goverment should investigate them all the bosses should be in jail but they are all protected by the evil lodge or secret socities and the rotary club and lions club they all are devils

  5. I agree with Alexander.i think people should be able to come over to st Lucia and work.just do it the legal an employer I know what it is to hire our own.St Lucians can work and work hard but only when they work abroad.

  6. My question to you dear sir. Have you heard of CSME? There is free movement, once you are certified. I do hope that all of your relatives overseas are legal. You are a wicked man. There is no compassion in you. May people leave their homeland to better themselves and sometimes they may not be able to work legally. You and your pee em drinking that Trump cool-aide….tssssk bunch of educated fools.

  7. If st.lucians work better than the foreigners,then they should not have To worry about people taking their jobs.

  8. If st.lucians work better than the foreigners,then they should not have To worry about people taking their jobs.

  9. This man has a way of popping up from his sick bed. If he opposes such then he must encourage his family to stop running from St Lucia in search of work in the US as well.

  10. Why be afraid. Lucians will get the job if their curriculum and attitude to work is better than the foreigners. Uneducated lazy Lucians will be unemployed also without foreigners.

  11. Cost of living so high those bosses want Lucians to work hard for nothing so they can get rich but the foreigners will work for nothing that’s why they running from their country they the bosses will not accept peticash but they want us to accept it if you’ll need a service to be granted pay for the service and stop robbing the people because foreigners will accept Lucians don’t accept nonsense

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