All ‘Quiet’ At BCF – Unrest Video On Social Media ‘Old’

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Saint Lucia’s Director of Corrections says all is well and quiet at the Bordelais Correctional Facility.

Hilary Herman made the statement after a video recording of prison unrest surfaced Thursday night on social media.

“Prisoners are getting bad at Bordelais as we speak,” a written message that accompanied the video asserted.

But Herman told St Lucia Times it was an old video.

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“That’s an old video from last week,” he explained.

The BCF summoned police last week to help put down prison unrest.

The remand inmates had been acting up, expressing concern over trial delays, conditions in prison and ‘inadequate’ measures to address a COVID-19 outbreak.

As a result, they posted several videos on social media and even live streamed their concerns via Facebook.

At the same time, they issued threats to BCF officials.

Some also brandished make shift weapons.

However, matters came to a head on February 2 when officials said the inmates refused to enter their cells .

They also set fire to a cell in the Bravo Unit.

But the Saint Lucia Fire Service put out the blaze, while police helped to restore calm.

During the process, officers said they fired non-lethal ‘beanbag rounds’.

Two inmates sustained injuries as a result and were taken to hospital for treatment.

In addition, Police Commissioner Severin Moncherry, disclosed that a ‘few’ police officers also sustained injuries.

Nevertheless, Moncherry commended the officers for doing ‘a fantastic job’.

He said the officers had his full support.

Moncherry made the remarks on February 5, during an appearance on the National Television Network (NTN).


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