Alleged thief spared a beating

An alleged thief was spared a beating this week, when an official of the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School (CCSS),  intervened.

According to school officials, the man was one of two individuals who broke into the Principal’s office shortly after noon on Monday and stole several used text books.

One of the young men escaped, while another was caught and bound by persons at the school who caught him in the act.

According to information obtained by the Times, the persons who caught the alleged thief were about to give him a licking when a school official urged them not to.

The police were summoned and the young man was taken into custody, it is reported.

Assistant Superintendent of Police, Gregory Michael Alexander, told the Times in response to reports of the  intervention that what the official did what was right.

Alexander disclosed that any citizen can arrest a person who is committing a crime or pursue that individual with a view to apprehending them.

He said the force that would be used in apprehending such an individual would be only what is necessary to subdue the person.

“After the person is subdued, you need to call the police,” the senior police official explained, adding that reasonable force relative to the situation is permissible.

However Alexander warned that a person who proceeds to harm a person who is caught committing a crime after the person has been subdued, commits an offence.

“After the person is subdued, there is no need to proceed to beat that person,” Alexander told the Times.