Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Alleged tomb raider granted bail

Alleged tomb raider, Vincent Philomen, was granted bail in the sum of $1000  or suitable surety when he appeared in court today.

Philomen, an employee of the Castries Constituencies Council (CCC), is accused of having taken a human skull from an excavated tomb at Choc cemetery on March 16, 2017 without a  permit, contrary to the laws of Saint Lucia.

His bail conditions include surrendering his travel documents, reporting every Wednesday to the Central Police station between the hours of and and not coming within 100 metres of the Choc cemetery.

Philomen’s next court appearance is scheduled for May 11, 2017 at Gros Islet.



  1. There are many more to get caught . He might be the one to be caught now .
    They are doing all their voodoo when they work in that cemetery .

    • Tell me about it .. Lucians are just bias and I will say .. he ain’t the only one doing it tell the others come forward

  2. There’s many more to be caught in thier vodoo. Putting people name in cemetery. Provoking the dead. Let the dead rest in peace

    • Provoking dead so when you go vigie and you see all the bones along side the beach what provoking the dead now the Water?

  3. It is said he took it to scare person’s. we don’t celebrate Halloween here lol,but I don’t think he meant any harm by it just a case of pure ignorance. And ignorance is no excuse for the law.

    • Are you serious, that “skull” was a person once, someone that was loved and had feelings, he needs to be punished.

      • Anan since you of the law punish him and I can guarantee you this will be swept under the rug .. don’t Lucians have betters news to worry about

      • The skull was once a person now it’s nothing. The article say they excavated the tomb to make room for another. So the biggest criminals here is the excavators.

  4. I don’t believe there was anything sinister about his intentions. This seems to be a case of ignorance of the law. But one has to think before he/she acts. This is the skeletal remains of someone’s relative. Don’t desecrate the grave as action is considered to be sacrilegious. One good lesson, if any, that we have learnt from this incident, it’s unlawful to tamper with human burial remains.

  5. Wow they treat him so harsh is a good thing he did not take the whole skeleton. But come on for what ever reason he took the skull the punishment is really dubious. What about the excavators who dug up the tomb to make room for another. And expose the skeletal remains. Are they showing respect for the dead?

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