Thursday, September 29, 2022

Allen Chastanet: ‘I Never Take Anything For Granted!’

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Prime Minister Allen Chastanet who is the MP in the United Workers Party stronghold of Micoud South, has asserted that statistically once two parties are in contention there’s  ‘a fifty-fifty chance.’

“So I always take it from that attitude – I never take anything for granted. I certainly am never going to take the people of this constituency for granted. We’re going to continue to work and act from day one as if we have to regain everybody’s confidence and I think so far the reaction we have seen, people are very satisfied with the work that has been done,” he asserted on Friday as contenders in the July 26 election race filed nomination papers.

The PM expressed the view that that everyone has bought into the idea of moving forward and to ‘keep working, so as a result he said no change is required.

“We want to continue working. We want to finish the work we have started not only here for Micoud South but in the South,” Chastanet stated.

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Noting that too many people have to migrate to the North to get a job, he recalled that a big part of the campaign promise for the first five years in government was to change that.

In this regard, Chastanet said thousands of young people now have jobs in the South and construction is taking place.

“We are seeing renewed faith in the South with the airport, the St Jude Hospital, the new water project, the cruise terminal and some of the hotels that are coming into the South, so we are very excited,” the PM declared.

Headline photo: Prime Minister Chastanet and Mrs. Chastanet pose with UWP supporters following his official nomination (Image courtesy PM’s Facebook page)

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