Alliance Francaise aims to reinforce collaboration with Schools

The new administration of Alliance Française de Sainte Lucie, made up of the Director

General, Ms Evelyne Gasse, the Deputy Director, Ms Sabrina Lipoff, and the Educational

Cooperation Advisor, Mrs Ghislaine Schüller, wishes to continue to reinforce its collaboration

with the schools and French teachers on the island. To this end, an invitation approved by the

Ministry of Education (through Mr Marcus Edward, Chief Education Officer, and Mr Leonard

Robinson, Modern Languages Curriculum Officer) has been extended to school principals and

their French teachers. The first meeting, which targeted primary school principals and

teachers was held at Alliance Française on Tuesday 27th September 2016. Due to the passage

of Tropical Storm Matthew, the second meeting, targeting secondary school principals and

teachers had to be cancelled. It has now been rescheduled to Tuesday, 25thOctober 2016.

The Alliance Française wishes to thank the Ministry of Education, in the person of Mr

Edward, Chief Education Officer, and Mr. Leonard Robinson, Modern Languages Curriculum

Officer, for their support.

In the first meeting, all speakers emphasized the importance of learning French, as it

gives the students access to a vibrant culture and to a language spoken worldwide. It was

impressed upon principals and teachers that if students have requisite French skills, it would

allow them to access tertiary level programmes in the French territories given that the State-
regulated tuition fees are very low.

 Mr Cuthbert Elisee, President of Alliance Française, opened the meeting by

reaffirming the Alliance Française’s mission to help young people study abroad.

 Mr Leonard Robinson, Modern Languages Curriculum Officer, then went over

pedagogical guidelines for the teachers.

 His Excellency Eric de La Moussaye, French Ambassador, was also present at the

meeting and underscored the benefits of learning French in order to pursue further

studies, to take advantage of job opportunities or to facilitate travel. He also

encouraged the teachers to participate in the cultural activities organised by the

Alliance Française and to inform others about them.

 Ms Gasse, Director General of Alliance Française, expressed her desire to strengthen

the collaboration between the Alliance and the schools and reminded the teachers that

they play a key role in the promotion of the French language and culture.

 Ms Sabrina Lipoff, Deputy Director of Alliance Française, presented the different

classes open to primary school students, as well as the kids camps. She also

highlighted the fact that the Alliance Française is willing to assist the teachers by

offering workshops and pedagogical training and by organising conversation clubs or

by providing a French language assistant.

 Marianne Beaumont and Emilie Lopez of Cultural and Communication Department

of Alliance Française presented the cultural program of the Alliance, as well as the

newsletter (to which the teachers can subscribe) and the “Culturethèque” programme,

which offers each member of Alliance Française free access to more than a thousand

French cultural documents (audio, books, documentaries, concerts and so on).

 Mrs Ghislaine Schuller, Educational Cooperation Advisor, explained her mission and

the different exchanges that can be organised for schools, students and teachers from

both St Lucia and Martinique.

After the different speeches, a few videos were shown in order to allow teachers to

reflect on their pedagogical practices and specific needs as well as to share some of their best


This rich discussion was then followed by refreshments.

The meeting was a success, with approximately 80 persons in attendance, representing

63 different primary schools. Many questions were raised and answered, and we hope that it

will be the beginning of a great collaboration between the Alliance Française and the schools

with regard to the promotion of the French language and culture.