Allison Jean appeals to Saint Lucians all over the world to support justice for Botham

Botham Jean’s mother, Allison Jean, has called on Saint Lucians all over the world to show the US government and justice system that they are distraught over what happened  to her son and are standing together in order to get justice for him.

Botham was shot dead in his own apartment in Dallas by a female police officer who, it is alleged, mistook his apartment for her own.

Allison Jean told St Lucia Times that members of the Jean family who returned home Friday were overwhelmed by the massive show of support they received from Saint Lucians.

She agreed with the persons who  organised the homecoming that the Botham Jean situation must be kept alive.

The mother declared that the case must not be swept under the carpet.

She told St Lucia Times that based on what has happened over the past two weeks in Dallas where  her son as killed, that could have happened had the family not kept up the pressure on the Dallas police department, the Texas Rangers and others dealing with the case.

“We do not want it to be swept under the carpet – we have to keep the pressure up,” Jean explained.

Mrs. Jean, her husband, their son and their daughter and her family arrived at Hewanorra International Airport Friday afternoon to a warm welcome by placard bearing supporters, including students, who chanted ‘Justice for Botham’.

The family later travelled in a motorcade led by a police motorcycle escort to Castries.

The mother told St Lucia Times she knew that a homecoming was planned but she did not realise the extent of the activity.

“I am really overwhelmed by the support I am getting,” Allison Jean said.

She disclosed that in addition to the airport welcome, there were pockets of individuals along the route to Castries waving national flags.

Jean said she is grateful for the support coming from Saint Lucia.

“I really would like that message sent to the US officials so that they can see that Botham has the support of the entire country and so they will cause justice to be done for him,” the mother stated.

She expressed the hope that the case of her son would send a message to the police departments throughout the US that they need to think first ‘before they pull that trigger and kill people.’

“Lives matter,” Allison Jean told St Lucia Times.

She said at the age of 26, her son did not deserve to be killed in the way that he was.

“He was sitting in his apartment all by himself. He was not involved in any illegal activity.”

Mrs. Jean noted that Amber Guyger, the Dallas Officer who killed her son, did not go to Botham’s apartment to investigate any crime that he was committing.

“Her chronology of events seems very, very illogical and senseless and so the United States police department needs to realise that they just cannot go about killing people; because you kill one person, but you also have the ripple effect of an entire household, family, extended family, communities, country mourning the loss of that one individual. It cannot continue like that.”



  1. Thanking God for traveling mercies for you and your family. Rest assured that the diaspora is actively supporting you and your family in this. We will remain focused and will not rest until we obtain the ultimate #JUSTICEFORBOTHAM. In fact, the entire world is waiting and watching?. All we ask for is JUSTICE. Amen

  2. I was on the route show my support and sympathy tto the family. I was also there to express my vexation and disgust with what had happened to such a bright star. And I will continue tto support the family in whichever llittle way i can.

  3. Rest assured you have the support of the diaspora. May God strengthen the family in pursuit of Justice. We continue to move forward with you and press forth we will until we receive #JUSTICEFORBOTHAM.

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