Alvina Reynolds Calls For Vigilance Amid Violent Crime Surge

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Former Government Minister Alvina Raynolds has called for societal vigilance amid a violent crime surge, including attacks on women.

Reynolds made specific reference to the recent discovery of a partially decomposed body at Lower Morne Road, Castries.

Although police have not identified the deceased, relatives of the missing Sasha Polius believe it’s her.

Reynolds, former Minister for Health, Wellness, Human Services, and Gender Relations, also referred to the brutal attack on former Calypso Monarch, Minelle.

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“We have to worry about what is going on with our society,” the government Senator told reporters on the sidelines of a meeting of the Senate on Thursday.

“I want to say to our young women, in particular, our young men as well. But our young women, to please be vigilant. Please do not trust strangers. In this age of technology, you use your phone, you use WhatsApp, you send messages. Let your family members know who you are meeting, what time you are meeting, where you are meeting. If sometimes you send a picture,” the former Babonneau MP stated.

Reynolds also appealed to people to seek help for psychotic family members who are prone to violence against men or women.

“Some of us know our loved ones are violent and we hold it – we do not say it for fear of stigmatisation,” she explained.

But she asserted that people who are mentally ill and violent need to get the necessary help.

At the same time, the former Minister said people need to be vigilant, not trusting to go out and meet strangers or going to parties and social events, not knowing how they will get back home.

According to Reynolds, families need to check on each other whether they live alone or not.

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  1. Crimes violence occurs to both men and women in the society, because,I say, sometimes,we make the wrong descisions and bad choices.
    It it time for men and women to wake up and accept their blames.
    True L❤️ VE lasts forever and it is stronger than death.
    Where as death is stronger in unconditional love which has no value.
    Therefore keep watch !
    So please stay away/keep away ❗

  2. That is what happens when you have compromised people leading our country. A man who is a renowned drug dealer and money launderer is heading one of our MOST important ministries. Think the youth don’t know bout this? Let’s get clean at the top first. Aka 3 day visa

    • Facts and women who have not held a job in over 20 years get to high level appointments because of who they sleep with and how much they cuss out people for the party. Crime is as a result of an unjust and unfair society. When people like this woman support the reward of bad and disgusting behavior and want to come now and try to advocate on anything she is nothing more than hypocrite. This woman pretends to support the advancement of women but not advancement on their own merit you. How can you support one who get to a high level position because of who they are in a relationship with and who lack the experience for such position? How can you support the other who has continuously disrespected, bullied, and tarnished the reputations of others in the name of politics? Now you want to talk about crime! Sit down hypocrite!

    • And women who cuss out people for de party getting high level position. This is an insult to young aspiring women who try their best to make a valuable contribution to society….. be role models and actually have a work history and experience and are being aide lined for cantankerous hacks….shame shame shame. Crime can never stop under this government

  3. Needs to be more education for both men and women of all ages, but especially at school level, on how to care for all members of society, and how to have self-respect and respect for others BUT most of all put programs in place to educate people on how to deal with mental health. It’s a world wide phenomenon, and should not be stigmatised. It is traumatic for the individual concerned, for their families and for the general community. The so-called Wellness Centre (more like a prison) needs to educate its very own staff on how to rehabilitate people, not just prescribe anti psychotic medications and think it will all be OK. Obviously that does not work! Do any of the Ministers, Politicians, top Public Servants ever visit the Centre, or Communities to inform themselves about these things I wonder, or do they just make seemingly random statements to the Media…???

  4. At the Barbonneau Police Station we had a man locked up for murder; talking about protecting ourselves, the Police had this man locked up, WHO LET HIM GO?
    Who can we trust, if we can’t trust the police; is this policeman still in a job? he should be fired on the spot, or let him tell us who gave him the order to free this Drug Dealer and how much was he compensated; its still not too late for that.( the truth shall make you free)


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