Amber Guyger ‘Feared For Her Life’ When She Shot Botham Jean

Former Dallas cop Amber Guyger feared for her life when she shot dead Botham Jean, Defence Attorney Robert Rogers has told the jury in the murder trial.

ABC News quoted Rogers as saying Guyger feared for her life and felt she had to use lethal force to defend herself.

“She reacts like any police officer would who has a gun when confronting a burglary suspect,” Rogers said, according to the US Television network.

The Prosecution had asserted that Guyger made a series of ‘unreasonable errors’ that resulted in the death of Botham Jean.

The former cop has claimed that she mistook his apartment for hers and believed he was a burglar.

Defence Attorney Rogers Rogers told the jury that Guyger was keenly aware that residents of her apartment complex had experienced recent break-ins and car burglaries.

He described the apartment complex where both Guyger and Jean lived as a confusing place.

He painted the picture of Guyger entering Jean’s apartment and seeing the figure of a large individual inside coming toward her, yelling, “Hey! Hey!’ and drowning out her orders for him to show her his hands, ABC News reported.

But in his opening argument, Dallas County Assistant District Attorney Jason Hermus declared that  Guyger failed to do what she was trained as a police officer to do if confronted by someone she suspected was a burglar: Retreat, take cover and call for back-up.

“No opportunity for de-escalation, no opportunity for him to surrender. Bang, bang. Rapid,” Hermus was quoted as telling the jury.

He described Botham Jean as a wonderful, decent man.

CNN quoted Hermus as saying that Guyger made a 911 call in which she repeatedly said she thought she was in her own apartment and never indicated that Jean posed any threat, but the call also demonstrates that her foremost concern was not helping the man she’d just shot.

The trial continues and is expected to last two weeks.



  1. She never gave no Command as to put your Hands up where I can see them or lay flat on the floor .Is just pull her Firearm and Fire two Rounds at Botham in His own apartment .where the Bullet entered his Chest it Showed Clearly that He was trying to Stand up but She never gave him the chance to Stand up.She Could have made several steps backwards to have a clear view .Her Story dont make no Sense at all

  2. She never gave the Command to put your hands up where I can see them .Lay flat on the floor .She could have taken Several steps backwards to make sure .She never did just press the Trigger.There’s no Defence in that Case

  3. Before Firing a weapon you must Justify that your life was in Danger .He was not armed with no weapon .Why Fired the weapon ?. If she had taken a few steps Backwards She would have seen all that lack of police experience.Clear case of Murder

  4. Madd you are confused. Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap.
    The power s that be are a terror to the doers of evil. Let justice run its course.

    • MICOUD u are confused as well U dont have to sow nun to reap nun what did he do to deserve such ? Was he a shooter ? Pay attention to the real world and how bad things happen to the innocent with no cause

  5. The murder charge will not stick.
    Murder is premeditated and the foremost and only intention (motive, means, opportunity) is to commit to the task and execute it.
    some degree of manslaughter/negligence would be more appropriate.
    but as in the case of 99% of homicides such as this, you start with with the highest charge and later reduce accordingly to the evidence adduced.

  6. I have said over and over again, this is not a murder case. Calll me a sell out if you may, but as a Saint Lucian, lets stop thinking with our emotions. And also cast aside the fact that this family is well known.
    First, no intent has been shown, and lots of what we first heard, has been independently ruled out as unfactual or not related to the case. Guyger made a bad choice here and killed him and must pay for me actions. This was manslaughter or negligent homicide, not murder. Have you even entered into the wrong car at the mall? Happens so often, yet we simply see a white officer and black man, and run with “racist killing murderer”. Furthermore, this is not necessarily logical that and call she made or even her actions or saying she will lose her job, are uncharacteristic. We cannot predict our actions after any traumatic event. A driver nearly killed me in an accident, she pretended like nothing happend and I had to go to her to ask whether she was ok. Also I have said many time, if she wanted to kill Botham, there were 100 ways she could have done so discretely, why choose the most open way to do so. Stay on the scene, call police and resue. No, thats not murder people, this charge is a farce by a DA who wanted to win an election, yet knows its an overcharge.

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