Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Amber Guyger To Be Tried In Dallas

Former Dallas cop Amber Guyger will be tried in Dallas for the murder of Saint Lucian, Botham Jean, media reports say.

Guyger’s defence had argued that the trial should be moved to another county.

Their contention was that media coverage of the killing would have prejudiced the jury.

But according to the Dallas Morning News, State District Judge Tammy Kemp ruled Monday that Dallas would be the venue.

The publication quoted Dallas County prosecutor Doug Gladden as telling Kemp that residents of counties where the defense suggested moving the case see the same news coverage as people living in Dallas.

The trial is expected to begin on September 23.

Twelve jurors and four alternates were selected on Friday.

Amber Guyger 31, then an off duty officer in uniform returning from her shift, shot and killed the unarmed Botham Jean, 26, in his own apartment.

Guyger, who was subsequently fired from her job, said she thought Jean’s apartment was hers.

She said she thought he was an intruder.


  1. You mean to tell me your thought were that u thought he was an intruder u so big bad and brave u did it yourself to go n shoot the man not even confirm that your apartment how far u were to him for u not realising that this is your apartment. Why didn’t you contact at least a coworker and inform them u believe someone is in your apartment come on the scene. Nothing at all . You took it upon yourself to just fire. And the young man died. What because he is black he can’t be in an apartment next to you? U have never seen that young man in this apartment or at least in an apartment around. What were u thinking guyger. Gotham deserves justice and next time u will focus. How did they hire you? You mean to tell me u saw somewhere in the law books that if u see someone in an apartment which look like your Or in your to shoot them and kill them. Not even an arrest or something simpler. Smh guyger. This will change your life forever. But i know they will not come on you hard with your sentence that why they left it in Dallas. Links.

  2. It all stinks sorry to say, the floor settings to the entrance of the apartments was totally diffrent .She could have never made a mistake when you have a large plant in a big pot and a rug infront of your apartment entrance. Hope the lawyers do their job.


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