Amber Guyger’s Attorneys Want Her Trial Moved Out Of Dallas

Attorneys for the former Dallas cop who shot dead Saint Lucian Botham Jean want her trial moved out of Dallas, Dallas News has reported.

The publication said attorneys, Robert Rogers, Toby Shook and Michael Mowla, argued in their court filing that the “publicity surrounding this case has been prejudicial and inflammatory.”

It reported that the attorneys  cited 297 news articles about Guyger and Jean in their court motion.

The trial of Guyger, who was indicted for murder, is due to start on September 23.

The unarmed Botham Jean, 26, was shot dead in his own apartment on September 6, 2018 by Guyger, 30, who was at the time an off duty police officer in uniform.

She claimed she mistook Jean’s apartment for hers.

They lived in the same apartment complex.

Guyger was fired amid international outrage over the incident.

Dallas News quoted Lee Merritt, one of the attorneys representing Jean’s family in a federal lawsuit against Guyger and the City of Dallas as saying  in a statement Monday that the motion to change venues was “as anticipated as it is baseless.”



  1. Two things to watch for in this trial are lies and cries. Sadly, they are very effective, especially coming from some species in society.

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