Ambulance, WASCO Vehicle Out of Commission After Collision

An ambulance and a Water and Sewerage Company Inc (WASCO)  vehicle were involved in a collision Tuesday morning, resulting in both vehicles being put out of commission, it has been reported.

The accident occurred about 11.47 am as the WASCO vehicle was entering the John Compton Highway from L’ Anse Road and the ambulance was heading towards Castries from Gros Islet, according to information.

Emergency officials told St Lucia Times that the ambulance was transporting a patient and someone who was accompanying the patient to Victoria Hospital when the accident occurred.

The two were unhurt, but the ambulance driver complained of a ‘slight neck strain’ and ‘ankle discomfort’, the officials disclosed.

The driver of the WASCO vehicle, who was the sole occupant at the time of the collision, was assessed on the scene and is said to have declined an invitation to be transported to hospital for further assessment.

An ambulance from the Castries fire station would later transport the patient and the person who was accompanying the patient to Victoria Hospital, it was reported.

Ironically, on the same day that the accident happened the Saint Lucia Fire Service received three brand new ambulances from Thailand.

A decision is pending as to where the new vehicles will be put into service.





  1. This is very unfortunate. An emergency vehicle ending up in an accident with a patient on board, can you imagine? Hope that this will not fall on death ears!

  2. Too many ambulance accidents.We the Drivers need to respect the police and ambulance more especially if they have the sirens on.

  3. Please can we ever know who was to blame?Lets stop the nonsence,and make somebody pay for being stupid?

  4. SMH. Find the WASCO guy guilty. People all you MUST STOP when all you hear a siren. And some of those sirens not loud enough.

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