Amendments to National Awards Act

GIS Press Release:-  Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Economic Growth, Job Creation, External Affairs and the Public Service, the Hon. Allen M. Chastanet, on Wednesday, Jan. 30, moved to make amendments to the National Honours and Awards Act.

According to the prime minister, the change would facilitate more individuals receiving national awards annually.

“This has to do with our highest award which is the Saint Lucia Cross,” Prime Minister Chastanet explained. “Previously the committee was limited to being able to give two awards in three years. So there were no more than three persons in any two successive years that were permitted to get the award, and we’re making an amendment to allow for there to be two awards per year. So in essence, we’re increasing the allocation. Instead of having three people over two years we will have four people over the two years. The intention is to have one award on a regular basis that will be given to an outstanding international individual.”

Prime Minister Chastanet said that the amendment will allow for deserving members of the international community to receive awards as well.


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