Monday, February 17, 2020

American Claims Self Defence In Killing Of Caribbean Hotel Worker

A Connecticut Financial Advisor charged with manslaughter in the death of a hotel worker in Anguilla, is claiming self-defence, according to news reports.

NBC News has reported that  Scott Hapgood, 44, said the victim, Kenny Mitchel, 27, was an armed intruder.

But the family of the deceased insists that he was not a criminal, the news network reported

Mitchel met his death on April 13 at the Malliouhana resort, NBC News said.

It reported that  the suspect released a picture of his bloodied and bruised face, which he said resulted from a fatal fight with Mitchel.

“We were excited for our first family vacation abroad in the beautiful and tranquil Caribbean island of Anguilla,” according to a family statement. “But with a single knock at the door, our dream vacation turned into a chilling nightmare — a literal fight to survive.”

Hapgood, who lives in Darien, Connecticut, insisted he never called for a maintenance worker to come to his room, and said he instinctively allowed Mitchel into his room because he was wearing a hotel uniform, according to NBC.

“Neither Scott nor any member of our family knew the attacker before April 13, 2019, when he came to our room, dressed in the hotel’s uniform,” it quoted the family statement as saying.

“The man knocked on the door, saying he was there to fix a broken sink. Scott indicated the sinks were not broken as far as he was aware, but that the man was free to have a look. Like any of us would, he trusted a hotel staff person in uniform,” NBC reported the family statement as saying.

But the news network observed that the statement didn’t detail exactly how the brawl started.

Mitchel died from the beating and choking he endured in Hapgood’s room, according to police and a coroner’s report.

NBC News said Hapgood’s defense team has previously said Mitchel was armed with a knife.

Hapgood is free on bail before his next court appearance, set for Aug. 22, it stated.

“Court proceedings in Anguilla have been scheduled for August. While we wait, a fair and just process for Scott must be ensured as his future hangs in the balance,” according to the family statement quoted by NBC News.


  1. Hang that DOG for killing our Caribbean brother. This incident will change how locals view tourists from now on. I know I for one will not be as welcoming. F that!!!!

  2. His family statement has too many holes. If they want fairness the least they can do is to be truthful as to what happened.

  3. These people can manufacture more lie-ma-naid than a beverage company. If It was an Accident cannot work, then they will come with It was Self-defense. These people are more full of sheep than a farm. When I read this artucle it reminds me of the song What A Fool Believes. Karma is generational and does not expire. Thank God for that.

  4. Good job for defending your family sir. I’m sure you would do it all over again if you had the chance. What a feel good story.

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