Amid Violent Crime Wave, Pierre Says Police Tactics ‘Obviously Not Working’

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre, noting two-weekend murders, spoke on Monday of the need for the police to review their tactics.

“There were two murders over the weekend, and I must say that the police will have to relook at their tactics. What they’re doing is obviously not working,” Pierre, responsible for National Security, told reporters.

The Castries East MP’s remarks came on the sidelines of a meeting of the Cabinet and in response to reporters’ questions regarding crime.

He said the situation was serious.

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“I think the police now will have to go back to the drawing board and rethink their tactics and look at the ways and means in which they could stop that scourge,” Pierre declared.

Asked about his own recommendations the Prime Minister’s response was that he is not a police officer.

“My father was – not me,” he explained.

Pierre said he could not advise on police operational matters.

“And that’s the problem. A lot of people in this country opine on things they just say by reading Facebook. I am not a police officer. I don’t know about the operational aspects of the police force,” Pierre told reporters.

And he asserted that his job as National Security Minister is to make resources and vehicles available to the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force.

In addition, Pierre declared that as National Security Minister, his job was to refinance the training vote the previous United Workers Party (UWP) administration had closed.

“My job as Minister of National Security is to repair the Gros Islet police station that the United Workers Party refused to repair from 2016,” he observed.

“I cannot opine on operational matters in the police force and I will not,” Pierre stressed.

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  1. The response form the PM that he is not a police officer and cannot advise the police is disappointing but not surprising. I keep waiting for the PM to say something that will inspire hope and confidence in the citizens but it’s not happening. The average St. Lucian would have a recommendation to the police about preventing and reducing crime. Some of the recommendations might be outlandish but they will have a recommendation because this crime situation is serious and affects us all. The PM has met with the “top brass” of the RSLPF on several occasions, did they not discuss crime? Was there no agreement on strategies for the way forward? It’s sad that the PM and the Minister for National Security believes that his role is simply to provide resources. Does he not care whether or not the resources are necessary? Are they effective? Are they meeting objectives? Is he just providing resources vitey vie and hoping something will happen? The crime situation here is no joke. If your citizens don’t feel safe in their homes and in their communities, this affects productivity and everything else. We really need to get a handle on this and quickly! The police are not the only ones responsible for prevention and decrease in crime, all our institutions need to be involved. Our PM and his party need to step up and fast!

  2. This police depart is a BIG DAM JOKE….for one most of them do not know their job description. have ZERO respect for the people they serve “the public”, They break the dam law at a drop of a hat, park any dam where they please, drive recklessly…screw up about 85 percent of the vehicles….costing tax payers money. i can write a dam book on the crap that is going on with this department….i feel really bad for the few that is trying , but the bad ones have a louder voice…giving a pay raise will not change a dam thing. we need a serious make over with the entire government department… nonsense!!

  3. After many warnings and pleadings are countinuing but no one take heed ❗
    The first woe is past :two other woes yet to come.
    The rest of mankind that were not killed (believers not yet saved)did not Repent or work of their hands ;they did not Stop worshiping DEMONS, IDOLS that cannot save,nor did they repent of their murders, their magic spells voodoo, imorality or their thefts ❗

    The Seven Trumpet 📢
    And the twenty-four elders,who were seated on their trones before God,fell on their faces and worship God, saying : “we give thanks to you, LORD God Almighty, the One who is and who was, because you have taken your power and have begun to reign.
    The nations were (are)angry ;and your Wrath has come‼️
    The time has come for judging the dead,and for redwarding your servants the prophets and your Saints and those who reverence your name,both small and great_ and for destroying those who destroy the earth”….

  4. Eh bien bon…look it…. Saint Lucians you get what you voted for….sadly and you have 4 more years to go…the PM has no semblance of how words have consequences. As head of national security you don’t have a clue, neither does the PM know the art of rhetoric…you get a £@#£&+& F- (F minus)..a big fat should bring comfort to the nation when things are bad but u have no sympathy in your actions and your words prove you don’t give a £@#&….well at least you are PM because u were voted in…but I get a sense loads are regretting their choice now and I say that not as a UWP supporter because I have no loyalty to any party. I am a supporter of the people…I don’t give a @#£& who is in power, all that matters is that they do right by the people .. Chastnet would also get a tongue lashing from me if he was the one in power and pissing about …but what a disappointment the people have to live with for the next 4 years …

  5. How will crimes stop when you’ll spreading so much hate in the hearts of people. Every one is upset and angry start by stopping these party hacks on social media buy coffee to hear everything is right with slp. Disgusting

  6. I do think PJP has good intentions to bring St Lucia forward but I don’ t think public speaking is his strength. I am saying this with no disrespect but he needs training on how to respond to questions from the media. As a PM or president of any country, you must think really quickly before you respond to questions posed by the media, bearing in mind that your responses can be used against you.

  7. Question: Are all prime ministers in the region police officers? Huh? We are more educated than you think. You imagined running a country was like playing monopoly? We are in a safari ride in the jungle. All i can say is Lucians please let us watch our bread, pray to God earnestly, help whoever the Holy Spirit has laid upon your heart. We may stumble but He will redeem us according to His will. No weapon that is formed against you shall ever prosper!

  8. Mr Prime Minister every time you come on social media you prove your incompetence more an more. You said your job is to make resources and vehicles available to the police force, and fix the Gros Islet Police Station (still in campaign mode).
    Apparently you are not even aware of your duties and responsibilities as a National Security Minister. Of course you have to make resources available. You also have to be the final reviewer of the planning and organizing process, give your input and approve it (depends if it reaches your level). You are not the executioner. You must have knowledge of what,s going on in the Security Department every day. Based on the article you have turned your back on the Police Force. You need to relieve yourself and appoint someone who has better knowledge and understanding of this job.
    Did Obama had any security, intelligence, or military experience when they captured Bin Ladin? No. But he was the final authority, cause he knew what was going on. Your lack of vision, interest and knowledge can cause disaster in the police force. Please relieve yourself.

  9. The Country is under a curse; too much devil worship in obiah, witchcraft & voodoo. When you kill someone, the demon of murder is unleashed; be it by shooting, drowning, vehicle accident or otherwise; unusual deaths begin to happen all over the place, don’t blame the Police, blame your sons. Sometime back some well known lady organized an international witches conference right here; since then things have not been the same – but there’s one solution only one – that is for the Christian Churches to band together, forget the denominational barriers – think of Christ and begin to keep outdoor Prayers, Praise singing, Joy to the Lord, fellowship one to another (organize bus rides and transportation) not just onetime, start it and keep it going; do it at every point more than once a week, you are bound to see a change after evil spirits are kicked out. Praise His Holy Name.

  10. Dean I agree with you.

    The police have no strategy except issuing parking tickets.

    In this crime wave where are the police patrols, where are the late night road blocks which existed during covid.

    The guns are not moving arround the island by the clouds unless the shooters leave “next door”.

    We need to feel and see the police presence.

    This is bound to make a difference.

  11. I guess he will say the same for the issues with health care.

    “Im not a nurse or doctor….let the nurse and doctors step up and do their work and fix the issues ”

    Pierre your wreckless statements will be your undoing. This is not putting people first, this is not serving your country. This is a very passive and dismissive approach of leadership.

    Is this what your great black leaders of the past who you so highly idolize taught you ?? You forgot your emancipation day speech by the waterfront ??….

    Haaaa boyyy our country in problems.

    • I had to read this article a few times.
      I was incredulous the first time. No PM could be so willing to show his incompetence to his people by uttering such garbage.
      But after reading a few more times I had to recognize that there is absolutely no hope or redemption for this narrow minded , irresponsible, self absorbed and bitter fool.
      He absolved himself and the SLP of responsibility for internal security and the safety of our citizens. Not me mate, check the police!
      He in his narrow minded vindictiveness pivots automatically to an attack of the UWP – in keeping with his opposition electioneering mindset.
      He goes from opposition to having all the answers in his 5 year attack of the government during the pandemic to now washing his hands of any responsibility which comes with authority of political power.
      Like Judas he and his colleagues have sold us out to their egos and quest for self agrandizement.
      His arrogant dismissal of the cries of his people is frightening as if to say: why you tackling me with all yu negativity. Leave me and my Cabinet alone you plebs.
      If you people want any indication of the fact there is no captain at the helm, that our downward trend will continue with increased momentum and that you are all on your own – well just read this damning article.

  12. The commissioner had to go from day one that’s you mistake and its the reason the crime situation at this level his not on your side he won’t do things in your interest.

  13. IN proper English. Lucians see for yourself. Me n my cabinet of ministers safe in our black jeeps . We already hv all u paying for ALL our local and international travels for the next 5 yrs. We getting our vehicles in here duty free, so basically if the Police cyah help by being out everywhere 2a.m. then SEE FOR YOURSELVES.

  14. At least Pierre is trying. The previous head honcho hardly mentioned this very serious problem. You can’t miss the problem even if you tried.
    I believe the commissioner needs added help and that should come from the legislature. Pierre and his merry band of idiots need to go a step further. The police need power to physically search vehicles at established roadblocks/road checks locations. Once that power is granted, it will enable the police to be active instead of the present passivity.

  15. OMG! I laughed out loud reading this article especially Philip statements. Philip aren’t you the minister responsible and more importantly the Prime minister? You come across as though the police are on their own. Typical Philip playing the blame game. The police asked for the K9 unit to be reinstated but you have not provided them it. Where are the surveillance cameras and also more trained police detectives since many are doing desk and administrative work. Many are being promoted to do office work. Are we to expect no leniency from the magistrates and judges. Is the forensics lab fully functional? If the police are not doing what is expected from them, then start firing them one by one and start recruiting some police from outside. Philip you are unbelievable!

    • ………hello did PM said something wrong ?? And that would be ?? Is he a police officer ?? Did you Clown not see the words “Resources”, “Refinance” that’s what the Minister of National Security does to provide/secure funding for the police department. It. This is not a police/military post, it’s a cabinet post. He wanted to bring other police here yu’ll against it, they don’t understand the culture. He propose seeking tactical logistics with the US in dealing with the influx of guns flowing into St Lucia yu’ll bitch about it, so what is it you want ? What you fools should do is tell Chastanet to stop making Pierre look good by not saying the word CRIME or talking about it The Shame is on him, he is the freaking clueless nut case.

    • Q: What are your recommendations?
      A: My father was a police officer, not me. All I can do is give vehicles and fix police stations.

      If that’s all you can do, then remove national security from your portfolio. You’re the leader of the nation, you can offer input as to various methods you believe will work. Not sit back and tell them go back to the drawing board. You’re supposed to work hand in hand with them. The criminals are laughing.

      I guess you just wanted to out Prime Minister on your resume, but not do the actual job.

      • ….well unlike the United Worthless Party the man wanted to wear many hats by keeping his cabinet small and not afforded the position to someone else with a salary…like Francis. I will agree he must demand more from the police commissioner and be damned about it. Gun crime did not start in St Lucia in 2022…it just more prevalent due to the lack luster gun control laws in America of which St Lucian diasporan’s are taking advantage of….and I will say it again without APOLOGY St Lucians over seas are playing a pivotal role in fostering crime in their homeland

  16. With all due respect dragging in 2016 repairs is unnecessary, this tit for tat BS has got to Stop. Excuse me PM, I believe your duty is a loT more than fixing gros islet police building which is in decent condition an certainly not as necessary as fixing the schools starting classes next week!+! How these kids going to feel going back and forth to school with all this phockery goin down’? People on island know very well who’s who is all linked up to Venezuela and who’s doin all traveling back and forth and who’s containers are coming from where and from whom, it’s a very well dressed and oiled procedure, people like things as they are!…. Or there would be a lot more aggressive movements by the cop shops….. Enough with all these phockin drive by shootings, up north mid island and down phockin south, the little u guys have down there in VF and u phockin burning the few businesses u have! SmPH YOU all need to cool the phock out man bc u causing problems for the whole island. SmpH

  17. After the statement by the prime minister and national security minister, what you expect to happen. The police force is like a ship without a sail and captain. His job is to provide resources and vehicles to the police. This is the worse statement I have ever heard , could you imagine the national security minister of any other country saying that and would still be in office, or any prime minister saying that and still be in office. Lord put a hand. Where do we go from here

    • Is he the superintendent? Did you guys vote for a master of all trades? Is he supposed to be Chef, Cook and Bottle Washer? What say you of a man who is ready to admit his limitations? Before you guys expect him to also be judge, jury and executioner understand he is only saying what his primary role is in this situation. Of course like everyone else he would have a layman’s view of what should be done but from an operational standpoint things may be ostensibly different as this isn’t his forte. Stop with the typical and unnecessary tribalism.

      • …..your silly simplistic notion of “tribalism” is so far fetched and does not equate to the many hats His Most Honorable wears, I think he is very copacetic in his disposition as Minister of National Security, and as it pretains to our Crime wave the operational leadership of the police are the ones that should be under the hot lights

  18. The prime Minister have to Re.Employ the highly Trained Retired police officers on a 5year Contract to Return St.Lucia how it used to be 20years ago and it can happen.

  19. After so many Gun Related Homicides in St.Lucia now Crime Fighting Strategedy. This is really really bad for St.Lucia. So many expert Retired Trained Police officers who can Handle any Situation it have gone dosn to the Drains .Its just a crime free Country .Its out of hand .Police officers perfer Special Duty Rather than fighting Crime.The police Force Should Suspend Special Duty for one Month have all police officers on the Road day and night .St.Lucia is very infested with Crime

    • Shut your trap. All you fools can think of to solve crime is a police only solution. That is sick!! Crime is a social problem and therefore requires a social response. Enough of that bull.

      Pierre is no different – with his nonsense that the police strategy is clearly not working. Giving the police vehicles is no strategy. It clearly shows that his government is clueless as it relates to a proper and effective response to crime. To depend solely on the police to remedy this current situation says that this government is devoid of ideas and should be kicked out of office. The police alone will never solve crime. There is also the need for the implementation of effective governmental policies, get the social agencies and ministries out of their offices and onto the streets to make a contribution! Successive governments have blamed the police for their failures and this must stop. The police is only one aspect of a multifaceted response to crime and unless the other agencies are summoned to duty, unless the citizenry is awakened, unless the education system is revisited, unless the is greater employment opportunities, unless the agricultural sector is taken seriously and unless governments stop blaming everyone one but themselves, there will be no let up on the crime situation.


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