An Estimated 1 In 3 Adult Saint Lucians Has High Blood Pressure

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The Ministry of Health has appealed to Saint Lucians to regularly check their blood pressure and document the results, noting that 1 in 3 adults locally suffers from hypertension.

The appeal came on Tuesday from Senior Medical Officer, Non-Communicable Diseases – Dr. Shana Cyr-Philbert, in a message to mark World Hypertension Day.

She urged people to contact the Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards to determine the validity of their blood pressure monitor since unvalidated devices can give inaccurate readings resulting in ‘dangerous consequences’.

Hypertension or high blood pressure has often been referred to as the silent killer.

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It’s because many patients do not have any symptoms for a while.

Dr. Cyr-Philbert observed that the lack of symptoms causes the condition to be ‘particularly dangerous.’

“Worldwide, fewer than half of the people who have high blood pressure know it while only 1 in 5 people with high blood pressure actually have it under control,” the Senior Medical Officer explained.

But Cyr-Philbert disclosed that high blood pressure is the most common preventable cause of conditions such as strokes and heart attacks.

In addition to revealing that some 1 in 3 adults in Saint Lucia has high blood pressure, she stated that strokes and heart attacks continue to be the leading cause of death.

“High blood pressure control is extremely important as controlled high blood pressure results in significantly fewer deaths, disabilities, and events such as heart attacks and strokes,” the senior Medical Official said.

She also said that high blood pressure causes people to die younger.

Nevertheless, Cyr-Philbert indicated that people could control the condition through lifestyle changes and prescribed medicines.

This year’s World Hypertension Day theme is: “Measure your blood pressure accurately, control it, live longer.”

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  1. Everybody post posting their crap, but leaving out diet and lifestyle. The Rum Capitol of the world, burn chicken and pork on every corner, and the huge consumption of the American can goods and dry foods, not to mention the fast foods Lucian’s love to eat.

  2. @Mass formation, stop being a fool, you people just want riots, protests and destruction of your own country and home. Covid19 “CAN” kill you within a week or two and is highly contagious. But high blood pressure can easily be lived with long term and reversed with better habits.

  3. 30% of your population affected by this yet y’all eh shut down. Y’all eh mandating exercise or good diet. I hope y’all people in this country is seeing what is really going on.

  4. Amen and Amen to that! So true! People are too hot in town because of all the nonsense allowed in the city ! Why karaokes have to be so lourd and disturb my sleep?! Play for yourself man and leave me in peace, i don’t want to jump out of m’y rest and get high blood pressure!

    • Because they don’t care about your health. That’s why i never bought into this covid circus. The same people that allowing those bars to destroy people health now care so much about us. Nonsense. This loud music and high blood pressure is no joke. I spend several months overseas every year. My blood pressure is always normal during that time. Everytime I return to St. Lucia it shoots up. I explained to the doctor the environment with all the music and noise. Her advice was to get out of there.

      • It is about time somebody sue the police commissioner for issuing those permits without due consideration for people health. And in the likely event he isn’t issuing these permits the police force should be sued for not enforcing the law. But which lawyer will be willing to rock the boat in this place.

  5. @Hot, I agree and add all the loud music and loud vehicles to that as well. People don’t seem to understand how their neighbors loudspeaker and noisy vehicles affects their health. Peace and quiet is so important to your health, in addition to a good diet, clean air and drinking water.


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