Thursday, October 6, 2022

Andre De Caires Resigns As Chairman Of The Cannabis Movement

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Andre De Caires, The Chairman of the Cannabis Movement of Saint Lucia has announced his resignation from the position.

The resignation takes immediate effect.

“I would like to take this opportunity to announce that of today, 29th July 2020, I am resigning my post as Chair of the Cannabis Movement,” De Caires declared.

The disclosure came in a voice note posted on social media.

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He recalled that the Cannabis Movement was formed almost a decade ago as an advocacy group pushing for cannabis law reform.

De Caires disclosed that on Monday, the cabinet of ministers decided to legalise.

“As a result, my job here is now over,” he stated.

According to De Caires, he must now focus on policy development, getting to co-op off the ground and creating a viable cannabis industry for the people of Saint Lucia.

He expressed gratitude to those who have supported the cannabis movement and urged them to continue doing so.

De Caires had what he described as ‘parting words’ for the government.

“In order for the government to achieve maximum political mileage from this decision, I encourage them to decriminalise on Emancipation Day, the 1st of August – this Saturday,” he stated.

According to the outspoken cannabis advocate, the people are excited.

“A move like this will show that this government is truly serious and not playing politics with the people,” De Caires asserted.

He also said it makes no sense arresting people for marijuana, knowing that it will be legalised within three or four months.

“A directive to continue the status quo will only cause ridicule and anger and lose more votes,” he declared.

On Tuesday, Commerce Minister Bradly Felix denied indicating in a conversation with De Caires, that there will be full legalisation of marijuana.

“I have since called on Mr. De Caires and said I never indicated to you full legalisation,” the Minister, who is the government’s point man on marijuana,  told reporters.

He disclosed that at Monday’s cabinet meeting there was consensus regarding authorising his ministry and the Attorney General’s Chambers to, among other things,  draft the legislative and regulatory framework to assist in implementing a cannabis industry.



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