Sunday, November 17, 2019

‘Anger Room’ Gives China A Smashing Way To Reduce Rage

Sky News:–  Young people in China are venting their frustration in an anger room, which allows them to smash up wine bottles and mannequins to release tension.

Smash, in Beijing, is equipped with bats and hammers – and punters can take out their rage on old broken appliances like televisions, clocks, and telephones.

The anger room was set up in September by Jin Meng and her friends and is now getting through 15,000 bottles a month.

Jin, 25, quit her job in public relations to start the room and has 600 customers a month. It’s aimed at people aged 20 to 35.

She said: “A woman brought all her wedding photos here, and smashed them all. We welcome people to bring their own stuff here to vent their anger. Because we also see it as a place to say goodbye to a stage in life.

“Of course we won’t intervene people’s privacy, but we guess the woman just broke up with her lover before coming here. Every time when we come across this kind of circumstance, makes us believe that we’ve provided a safe place for people to let out negative energy. And we are happy about that.”

in said the room is not intended to promote violence but to reduce people’s stress in a city like Beijing where they are under mounting pressure.


  1. This is will be good for these young boys running around st.lucia. robbing, stabbing, raping and killing people. Give them a room to let the demons out!

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