Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Another Suspect In Murder Of Haitian President Held In Jamaica

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Jamaica Observer:–  Jamaican police on Saturday morning arrested one of the three key suspects in the July 2021 assassination of former Haitian President Jovenel Moise.

According to information reaching OBSERVER ONLINE, the suspect, John Joel Joseph, a former Haitian opposition senator, was found with three other Haitian nationals in a rural Jamaica community where they had been living incognito. They are suspected to have been in the island since December after arriving by boat.

Moise was killed on July 7 when assassins burst into the presidential residence and shot him dead. His wife Martine was wounded but survived.

In July last year the National Police of Haiti (PNH) issued three wanted notices for men who they said are accused of “murder, attempted murder and armed robbery”.

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Among the men are the former legislator, John Joel Joseph, and Rodolphe Jaar, a businessman and manager of several companies.

Earlier this month, Colombian Mario Antonio Palacios who was arrested in Jamaica in October was being deported to his native Colombia when Interpol notified him during a stopover in Panama that the US government was extraditing him.

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  1. And sad to say that whenever they goes
    the devil will always follow them and the
    place will always be corrupted, because they have already made argreement by singing a
    contract (convention) for blood with the devil
    and also they are canibals (canivores) which devouring people flesh as food.

  2. The longest rope has an end …karma caught up with them and the voodoo did help …hahaha. Now tell me which God is greater??????

  3. Hey Fox .. he would have fit in better in St . Lucia as well speak the same language here . He would stand out in any English speaking country .

  4. The prisoner Never Escape from the police Station .He paid His Money to walk out of the Station .He did the exact thing in Jamaica

  5. @Fox…how about because jamaica is one of the closest island to Haiti as no one couldn’t leave Haiti through aviation.

  6. The media have hijacked you all brain .the real people behind this assassination may never be known .well at least not so soon because top people are involved. I. The meantime they are using the media to divert all attention in the wrong direction

  7. Why do violent criminals always seek a safe haven in Jamaica? Is it that they blend in easily? but the good thing, they are caught. The pattern is, Drugs, money, fame power and control. That’s why in this case and others, political power plays a good role with a mix of Vodoo, Witch craft and all the evils dredged up for victory; then, what victory; after you’ve sold your Soul to the devil, he wins.- what ever happen to the case of that murderer, let loose from prison in Barboneau? is that another dead case? who got paid to let him loose? who gave the order? time will tell, God never sleeps – ”The Spirit of the Lord is always willing to help, through Christ our Lord”. Amen.

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