Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Another US University Could Set Up In Barbados

Barbados may soon be welcoming another American university to its shores, local reports say.

According to Barbados Today, Prime Minister Mia Mottley revealed that talks with Chamberlain University have already begun and she was hoping those discussions can soon be “wrapped up”.

She made the disclosure during a tour of the Villages at Coverley, where 1,500 students and staff at the Ross University School of Medicine will reside, the newspaper reported.

Chamberlain University is a for-profit healthcare and nursing school that offers bachelor, master and doctoral degree programmes in nursing, and a public health master’s degree.

According to Barbados Today, while not disclosing details, the PM said that her administration is using Ross University as a test run.

Earlier this year Ross University announced that  it was leaving Dominica, which had been battered by Hurricane Maria, to relocate to Barbados after 40 years on the Caribbean island.

At the time, Prime Minister Mottley denied there was anything underhanded by her Administration into accepting the Ross University School of Medicine’s move to Barbados.


  1. We have some academies,and all the pupils seem to come from India Nepal,Paquistan,so how do these students find out that we are running these schools so far from their countries?and what is the purpose of these colleges?,the locals smell rat.

  2. i hope she realises she is undercutting UWI which has a more stringent policy in people undertaking medical degrees. so at UWI, they accept only the best students for medicine and not those who can pay unlike these offshore medical schools. the woman too damn stupid. why encourage those things when you should try to expand your own offerings through UWI while targeting their students? i am not saying its likely to pay off right away, but thats what smart countries do, promote and sell your own first and the dividends will eventually come.

  3. Most of these schools are a scam set up to entice people from India,Paquistan,Nepal and other Asian countries.They charge the pupils thousands of US dollars,and at the end they promise them a job in the USA and that is what atracts most of these students,from these parts of the world.For these students being here in the Caribean,is like knocking on the front door of the USA,they can attempt to get a visa here in the Caribean or enter ilegally through Mexico,or do the hop through the islands.Check how many locals go to these schools,and why?

  4. ROSS University aka Adtalem has it coming to them big time. Theyll do Barbados the same thing they did to Dominica plus they’ll have competition in Barbados with all these medical schools there.

  5. We all remember what happened here in St Lucia ? or we forgot allready,remember the students in court,living in Gross Islet,with out money for food and rent,they are still in court with the owner of the school,Scam all the way,just listen to what the students said.

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