Thursday, December 5, 2019

Anse La Raye Fish Friday Returns with a Big Splash

PRESS RELEASE: The popular Anse La Raye Fish Friday, was relaunched on Friday December 1, and by all accounts was a huge success. The activity which started back in 1999 had been on hold for well over a year now. But now, with a revitalized community group and vendors association and backed by the Events Company of Saint Lucia, the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority and Saint Lucia Distillers Bounty Rum the dream of putting the event back on the weekly calendar of popular activities in Saint Lucia, was realized.

Scores of persons from the community as well as hundreds of Saint Lucians from all over the island, took in the Friday evening lime and were warmly embraced by the community, as they savoured freshly prepared seafood and other delicacies and drinks.

A brief opening ceremony, featuring remarks by community officials as well as the Minister for Tourism Dominic Fedee, who is also parliamentary representative for Anse La Raye/Canaries, set things in motion Friday.

“Tonight is really just the beginning of something that is very special to this village and to its people and to its economy and to their very survival. Tonight I hope is the beginning of the resurrection of a very important event not just for Anse La Raye but for Saint Lucia,” Honourable Dominic Fedee said.

He however called on all of the stakeholders involved, to embrace a more business-like approach if the Anse La Raye Fish Friday is to be sustained as tourism product.  “We need to work with each other and ensure that we bring out the very best of our community…we must make sure that we market this event, that we spare no effort to develop the product and that we spare no effort to give good customer service at the right price and of the right value,” the minister emphasized.

Minister for Culture and Local Government Senator Fortuna Belrose called on the community to embrace the event. She too emphasized the need to offer good value for money.

“This event is the people of Anse La Raye’s event. This is what we use to say to the rest of the world we are here, we are capable and we are able and you as vendors and you as residents, have a responsibility to ensure that whatever is delivered here every Friday night, sends a good message about this community. This is the only way people will continue to return to Anse La Raye. We must be polite we must be engaging, we must sell the foods at the right price, so people can come and be a part of what is happening here,” Belrose said.

Mr. Reeves Lawrence, Deputy Chair of the Anse La Raye village council, highlighted the very significant economic impact the Anse La Raye Fish Friday had on the community.

The Vendors
The Vendors

“It is undeniable that the event has brought economic benefits not only to the vendors, who are the prime stakeholders, but the village community as a whole. Over its 17 years of its existence approximately twenty five vendors have been its major beneficiaries. In addition bar and restaurant owners, and street side vendors, musicians and other performing artiste also benefit significantly, as part of fish Fridays.

Finella Williams, a key member of the Anse La Raye committee said that she was very passionate about her community and was excited to see the return of the Anse La Raye Fish Fridays. “I think this is something that can actually work, people this is about us, it is not about me it is not about the vendors it is about us getting to somewhere that we need to get to,” Williams said Friday.

The Entertainmet
The Entertainmet

The West Coast Survival Steel band from the community, Calypsonians Herb Black and Black Pearl who are both from Anse La Raye, soca star Ricky T, and “Dennery segment” champions Matta and Migos provided the entertainment for the evening, which was thoroughly enjoyed by the many persons who attended the event.

Activities in Anse La Raye continues this Thursday December 7 and Thursday December 14, 2017 with the Anse La Raye Seafood Festivals – ARC Thursdays, offering local cuisine and cultural activities for the enjoyment of visitors and Saint Lucians alike. Then on Friday December 22 in “Twadisyon Noel” in the village.


  1. There are two things I have to say about this. One the prices are too exorbitant and two as soon as one arrives at Anse La Raye every Anse La Rayanes begging for a drink. I wish Anse La Rayanes will go to their beds and allow outsiders to enjoy themselves

    • Boy that’s exactly why I don’t go there. Not saying Gros Islet is cheap but it takes me 15 minutes to get there with food a bit cheaper. Sorry, Anse la raye is just too expensive for stuff I can get elsewhere with less stress.

  2. All anse la raye people do is sit at the road side and watch people business…the women are the worst…just sit and gossip whole day by a bar…useless people…and dont forget about all the stupid lil rum shops playing loud music all night!

  3. This is why our people and country will never strive because of negative people like you making nasty comments.If you have nothing good to say about a good thing say northing,positive people have no time for your negativity.Am pretty sure you have nothing to offer,base on the things you say,you don’t ever have a good word.How sad.

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