Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Anse La Raye Residents Block Road In Protest

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On Wednesday, residents of Petit Bourg, Anse La Raye blocked the road leading to the quarry in their area to protest the impact of the frequent trips by heavy equipment to and from the quarry.

The protesting residents told St Lucia Times that they had had enough of the constant noise and dust and the threat the movement of the heavy trucks poses to children.

They explained that they had previously articulated their concerns to Rayneau Construction & Industrial Products and C.O. Williams Construction Limited, which operate the trucks. Still, there had been no continuity in addressing their concerns.

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“While I am on the phone, I cannot hear myself when those trucks are passing. What I need the public to know is we in the village are united, but at the same time, we need the support of those in authority,” Anse La Raye resident Marcellina Laurencin¬†asserted.

Marcellina Laurencin

“There are two pre-schools and one primary, and children are accessing the road every day. The big trucks pass, and they don’t even check for the children,” Laurencin explained.

“The children are so short, and the trucks are so tall that they cannot see the children, and you can never know if one day you will have a casualty there. Also, we can’t open our windows because of the dust,” she complained.

Another resident, David Williams, disclosed that the trucks are breaking down the drains and damaging the road.

“Yesterday, a little girl fell in the drain, and her toenail came out,” he recalled.

“We’re fed up Christmas coming every time you put a new curtain up; it gets black,” Williams lamented.

Superintendent Elvis Thomas, who is in charge of the Northern Division, said at there was a meeting with the two construction companies involved at which they agreed to do a lot of what they were asked.

“It was being done, but I guess the issue was following up and ensuring continuity,” Thomas explained.

Police on standby

” I think there was a breakdown somewhere along the way, and so right now, we are now awaiting the representatives of these companies so we can meet with some key persons in the community, the town clerk – myself, to see how best we can remedy this situation,” he stated.

And the senior police officer acknowledged that the protestors were ‘very quiet’ and non-violent in expressing their dissatisfaction with the situation in their community.



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