Thursday, September 29, 2022

Anse La Raye Snake Bite Victim Dies

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A resident of Anse La Raye, identified as Joseph Rigobert, has died after a fer de lance bit him as he journeyed home from his farm, residents of the community say.

A relative confirmed the death to St Lucia Times, saying that Rigobert passed away on Monday.

The Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) said it responded to a snake bite report at Anse La Raye on Sunday about 2:15 pm and found an individual sitting on a bus.

SLFS Communications Officer Stacy Joseph said he had a tourniquet applied to one of his legs.

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According to Joseph, the emergency crew assessed the patient and transported him to the OKEU Hospital in stable condition.

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  1. I think the anti venom should be made available at every health center just like tetanus shots, or even on the ambulances . That should be one of the improvements in the health care system

  2. It would be good for the Ministry of health and police to fully disclose what really transpired for the public good! Otherwise, the family should sue- i say this just for a full investigation to be conducted so the public can get to know what really happened. Whether the man wasted time or the antivenom was not administered- to me the public deserves to know the truth.

  3. Rip my friend. This is just so sad. My brother in law a few years ago now you. May the good Lord comfort your family

  4. Why was the ambulance called and he wasn’t taken to the hospital right away? They stated he was found sitting on a bus with his leg tied. Why didn’t the bus owner or someone else take him to the hospital right away? The ministry of health has had PSA’s in the past stating that you have to get to the hospital (specifically VH which now would be OKEU because they’re the only ones who have the antidote on island) within a certain time frame. So maybe time was wasted by waiting on an ambulance. Not blaming anyone but I hope this at least provides the “what to do” info for others who didn’t know

  5. The nurses and doctors at OKEU don’t care whether it’s emergency or not. When you get there they pretend like they don’t even see you and carry on with whatever they are doing. Don’t ask for if is on there phone they are. In short, the staff at that hospital don’t give a shit whether people live or die.

  6. Is there no antivenom at the OKEU Hospital? How many vials are available to treat patients or have the vials expired? An investigation should be launched to determine the circumstances which led to his demise.

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