Friday, December 6, 2019

Anthony: Chastanet could have called me

Declaring that things could have been different in respect of the controversial  US$ 2.6 billion Desert Star Holdings Limited (DSH) project planned for the South of the Island, former Saint Lucia Prime Minister, Doctor Kenny Anthony, told a crowd of Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) supporters last night in Vieux Fort that current Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet. could have called him.

“Prime Ministers are required to extend courtesies. You know Chastanet, in the flush of his victory, he could have easily called me and called Ernest Hilaire and said to us: ‘Look, I want to find out why you are not supporting this development,” Anthony said.

Switching to kweyol, the former PM asserted that despite what is seen publicly sometimes, every Prime Minister has a duty to establish a relationship with predecessors, in order to get advice in the event that they run into problems.

“I will surprise you tonight,” Anthony declared.

He disclosed that when he became Prime Minister in 1979, former Prime Minister  John Compton asked to see him.

Anthony said the two of them sat down and had a conversation for over two hours.

“We spoke about Saint Lucia,” the Vieux Fort South MP said.

“To this day I will never forget that John Compton said to me: ‘I wish you well with your programme. I hope the civil servants support what you are trying to do for Saint Lucia.'” Anthony stated.

The former leader of the SLP asserted that if  current Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet, has called to ask for a meeting on DSH, he would have given him the courtesy of such a meeting.

However Anthony said it was too late now because he has no intention of having any talks with Chastanet.

“There must be no talks. No talks. No talks,” he told his audience.

Anthony said:

“That is how you govern your country. You respect your predecessor. And you know what? Your predecessor happens to be the Parliamentary Representative of where the development is taking place. Not a single person has ever approached me from the government and said to me: ‘You are parliamentary rep, what are your views about what we are trying to do?'”



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