Friday, September 30, 2022

Anthony Concerned About Impact Of COVID-19 On Minibus Drivers

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Vieux Fort South MP, Dr. Kenny Anthony, says minibus drivers are feeling the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the protocols implemented by the government.

“Less people are traveling because thousands are unemployed,” the former Prime Minister observed.

In addition, he noted that  many schools maintain a rotation system.

As a result, the opposition MP  explained that minibuses must carry less passengers.

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Anthony made the comments on his official Facebook page.

He  disclosed that in his conversation with the minibus drivers in Vieux-Fort last week, they lamented the lack of consultation and support from government officials.

According to Anthony, many drivers are struggling to meet their financial commitments.

“They wish to have an opportunity to bring their plight to the decision makers so that adjustments can be made if necessary,” he said.

“Our minibus drivers believe they are not being heard,” Anthony declared.

“The truth is, as an Opposition Parliamentarian, the most I can do is advocate on their behalf and help them offset operation costs where possible,” Anthony stated.

He explained that for this reason, there was no hesitation when a request was made by the Route 4C Minibus Association for a donation to help offset the costs of dispensers and hand sanitizer.

“It was my pleasure to make a donation to these bus drivers who service various routes in Vieux-Fort South,” Anthony said.

He expressed the hope that it goes a long way in helping curb the spread of the virus.

Anthony also expressed the hope that the authorities will reflect on the plight of ‘this important sector of our society’.

“I intend to use the opportunity in the closing days of Parliament to remind the government that our small businesses and locals need help too,” Anthony asserted.

“We must review our policies to ensure that they are effective and to ensure that one sector is not carrying an unfair burden as we navigate these difficult times,” he said.

Headline photo: Dr. Anthony in discussion with minibus drivers (Photo courtesy Facebook)

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