Anthony Concerned Over Gun Violence, Calls For Peace

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Former Saint Lucia Prime Minister, Dr. Kenny Anthony, has highlighted the need to find new and bold approaches in the battle against crime, as he expressed concern over a spate of gun violence and called on young people to put their differences aside.

In a statement Friday, the MP for Vieux Fort South made specific reference to violent crime in that constituency.

His full statement is reproduced below:

The spate of gun violence in Saint Lucia is alarming and of particular concern to me is the number of homicides and gun related crimes being recorded in Vieux Fort South in recent days.

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The latest homicide which claimed the life of Greg Prescott, is another senseless
death which has once again plunged the town of Vieux-Fort into mourning.

Vieux-Fort is a small town where almost every family is connected. The constant
fighting and use of unlawful force, especially firearms against each other is
destroying families and causing the entire community to live in fear.

Let us restore the peace, love and unity that we once knew in our town.

In the last few weeks, many citizens have registered their concerns directly to me
and through my Constituency Office at the apparent lack of interest or urgency of
those who have direct responsibility to deal with the crime problem.

This is not a time for political theatre aimed at enhancing political ambitions. Too many young lives have been lost and too many families are in pain.

I therefore urge our young men and women to put their differences aside, cease resolving
disputes by force, and yield to efforts that seek to reconcile differences and bring
peace and harmony to our community.

It is clear that the fight against crime requires a radical shift in policy, thinking, strategy and approach. We cannot continue to fight crime by using the same approaches that we have used in the past.

These methods are no longer working. We have to find the courage to fashion new and bold approaches to be rid of this scourgeā€

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