Anthony To Meet Police High Command To Discuss Crime In His Constituency

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Parliamentary Representative for Vieux Fort South, Dr Kenny D. Anthony, is to meet the Police High Command to discuss issues pertaining to crime in his constituency, Vieux Fort South.
The meeting is due to take place next week when the Commissioner of Police, Mr. Milton Desir, who is out of state, returns to Saint Lucia.
The meeting follows the fatal shooting of a young man, Jesus Blanchard of Westhall Group, Vieux Fort, last Saturday evening, May 28,2022 and the subsequent shooting of Dwight Sealy on Hospital Road, Vieux Fort, two days later, on May 30, 2022.
According to Dr Anthony,
“I grieve for the family of Jesus and feel their distress and pain. I knew Jesus well. I plan to meet the family in the next few days to share my pain and distress. These cycles of violence must be ended. The warfare between the various gangs must cease and the people of Vieux Fort South must be given the respite they deserve. Residents live in constant fear, sometimes dodging bullets as they seek refuge, even in broad daylight. It is totally unacceptable that Vieux Fortians cannot roam freely in their own community.
So many of our young men have died because of these acts of violence. It is incomprehensible that young men who grew up together, went to school together, once socialized with each other, shoot each other with impunity all in the name of protecting turf and the interests of gangs in the community. There has to be an alternative approach to dealing with those issues and collectively we must find it.”
Dr Anthony says he hopes to discuss with the Police High Command the troubling matter of the relationship between the Police and his constituents, more balanced and effective policing, and police responses to criminal activity in the community.
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  1. Yooooooooow!!! I read a post on FB where the former Spokes Person for Dr. KDA stated how she was asked by Jesus to come talk to his friends. Earlier, the same former Spokes Person had mentioned she too, met with Darwit prior to his senseless killing and he too had requested an audience with her. Hmmm!!! Today, I reading vieux pawol bor she mere about her affiliation with Shantytown’s boss. I’d like to believe this is speculation. Yow, I’m from VF and if we allowed those Pre-authorized Political Prostitutes to continue to screw us. I’m pleading to you, please use a condom and demand you get paid before you get fu ok

  2. When will WE put in our big heads, that there is nothing like stopping crime. That why we have that prolong crime problem. We need to curb crime. For 15 years Kenny Anthony as PM and MP for VFort South, was in the position to curb the crime situation in VFort but did nothing. None of his cabals in VFort did anything to help curb the crime. In his campaign camp there were TEACHERS, Professional musicians, Coaches in almost every sporting descipline and business persons (especially hardware owners). They were in the forefront of his campaign but disappears after the election, win or lose. Bunch of hypocrites. How you want to go to the policemen? To do what? Tell them how to do their job? Or IT’S JUST A SHOW, like you have been doing to VFortians for 25 years. FOOLING THEM. You have not learnt that it’s your wickedness that is starting to eat you up.

  3. No one has the solution to solve the crime. Many have come and gone and the problem remains the same. I will take my hat off for those who are at least trying . It won’t be easy to solve the problem permanently. Crimes can be minimized with stiffer penalties especially for illegal gun possession, and covert police operations to get guns out of the hands of criminals. The police must get the guns from criminals by any legal means necessary.

    • When will WE put in our big heads, that there is nothing like stopping crime. That why we have that prolong crime problem. We need to curb crime. For 15 years Kenny Anthony as PM and MP for VFort South, was in the position to curb the crime situation in VFort but did nothing. None of his cabals in VFort did anything to help curb the crime. In his campaign camp there were TEACHERS, Professional musicians, Coaches in almost every sporting descipline and business persons (especially hardware owners). They were in the forefront of his campaign but disappears after the election, win or lose. Bunch of hypocrites. How you want to go to the policemen? To do what? Tell them how to do their job? Or IT’S JUST A SHOW, like you have been doing to VFortians for 25 years. FOOLING THEM. You have not learnt that it’s your wickedness that is starting to eat you up.

    • Guns are not the problem. It’s the use of the gun that is the problem. If you place a gun on a table and and it remains untouched for the next 50 years no crime will be committed with that gun. 46 out of 100 Swiss citizens own firearms and the country has a near zero murder rate. We are the problem; not the firearm. We need to communicate.

      • Well said! We are the problem. Those young guys with guns today weren’t born with the gun in their hand. What went wrong from birth to now? The politicians and police can’t make any difference. Its the ppl, parents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, neighbours who are responsible for whats going on. Si pa ni sitoowez, pa ni voleh. Its starts from the home.

  4. Shouldn’t it be the reverse? “The police meeting with the parliamentary Rep for 25 years”. Who doesn’t know that the police cannot solve crime? What will he tell the police? Will the Min of Security be present? Will he tell the police the information Jadia is getting from Pat-Banan?

  5. The solution to reducing crime on island is everybody’s business. The police cannot do it alone. A lot of crime is committed because persons feel they can get away with it. New laws need to be enacted to deal with the current times and the existing laws need to be enforced. We have to start at the root of the problem with the family structure and the education system. There is little respect for others, their property or pride in country. Our leaders have no novel ideas, they are too rooted in politics and are a product of the failed systems themselves. We need new leaders, we need to go back to basics in many areas. The education system is a good place to start as one poster has indicated.

  6. Kenny you are part of the problem..There will have no peace..You sit with them during election time paying them an educated man like you brainwashing the people for power..God is not sleeping the horses run out of the stable you can’t catch them dr

  7. The people deserve the Government they get, but is he the worse? see who you have as top brass, if you were to eliminate Kenny, the most qualified and experienced, what have you left? O.K. I agree he has done little or nada, have you any suggestions?
    Recently you had a Government, but as politics go, not as the grass is greener on the other side, gosh you are not Cows or Horses that have to keep crossing on other side of the Road, stop thinking as sheep and grazing animals, stop listening to the lies of the opposition, use whatever sense you have left before voting.
    Don’t blame the Cops, blame your own elected Government; they are planning High Rise Condos for them and friends, well protected to run this Country their way. Wake up & smell the damn crap!!! you have been mesmerized, duped, blinded & lied to & you have drank the Cool Aid// too soon for new elections // marching in the Towns & Cities // don’t blame me you have been had – you listened to the D-Baron with his racism & the Cobra with the Crown on his head & dear old PjP, bless his soul; Lord have Mercy.

  8. Whenever an incident occurs that is when authorities go back to the drawing board for discussion. Not too long I heard a discussion had to take place because of crime in Fort and things cool off. Now here we go again.
    The laws need to change for starters! There is not much police can do for now! Talk talk talk talk is not getting is anywhere! Gov’t needs to enact laws Kenny!!

  9. @Fed up i cannot confirmed all your points but nothing surprises me anymore. All you have to do is take one good look at Vieux fort this guy has been representing for so many years. Take away the Airport and there is nothing left. Crime is on the rise the education level it’s not where it used to be in the schools anymore. I remember back in the days sports use to be a highlight in this place which use to keep the youth engaged in different activities, Now unfortunately they have chosen a different path.

  10. This man is part of the problem in Vieux Fort. Has represented that constituency for 20 years and cannot point to anything meaningful that he has accomplished. But the so called inner circle Will say otherwise since one of them got approximating 2 million dollars rent owed to SLASPA written off. Asked him which law firm represents the hand of plantain, one of the criminals terrorizing we the residents of Vieux Fort, in the cash seizure case by the Marine Unit and now in the hands of customs. Ask him under whose watchful eye have state lands been seized and squatted on by known criminals – to the dismay of many including from his own inner circles. The more recent incident involving the lands overlooking the Vieux Fort docks. Ask him who is responsible for the demise of the RSLPF, the very organization which he now turns to for trying to tame the beasts that he has nurtured. Ask him who destroyed that organization for cheap political gain – or so he thought. Ask him where has he been over the years, since crime in Vieux For has been like this for a long time now. What did he do about it at the time when he was PM and had the power. Ask him!!!! but if you ask me I will tell you that this man is shameless and a failed rep, vindictive and thin skinned. And for those of you who may think I am UWP – no! I voted Labour. But we must call out wrong when we see it. I wish the police officers luck at the meeting. That this man will infuse some bright idea into their heads to solve the crime problem.

  11. Vieux Fort and Marchand ppl have voted for the right 2 individuals for 25 yrs. Can U not see those 2 constituencies. Don’t u all know we are talking about a Doctor and an Economist. Perhaps Lucia 2 greatest politicians. As PJP SAID. Things are being. he also SPOKE about stiffer penalties. He also SAID u the ppl and the police nee to come together and work. Look now DOCTOR KENNY has organised a CONVO with the Commissioner. Lucia’s 2 greatest politicians. NO ACTION ALL TALK. Di u all expect beter 25 years or lip service and NO ACTION or legacy. All of a sudden all u expect different. Choopppsss Tan

    • Yes buddy we must come together like Pierre said, with a constitution that puts themselves first over you and me and have the citizens living with no morals for each other. What a joke you are thinking that will work, and work with police? Buddy you should know that is risky stuff with a force that already cannot be trusted. All of the above you said about Kenny or commisioner said they will do this that will not work cause this government is fully corrupted.

  12. The Vieux Fort South Rep is a capital joker. Perhaps he will identify and explain the troubling relationship which exist between the Police and (his) constituents. The statement is frigging ridiculous. He must have information that’s not available to anyone else. This is the same guy (then Prime Minister) who stated on my radio: I am appealing to the criminals to give the residents of Vieux Fort a break for the (Christmas time) season. Perhaps someone should remind the Honourable gentleman that the objective is to reduce and hopefully eliminate crime in St.Lucia. The feigned veil of concern is quite unnecessary. The Police are not responsible for criminality in Vieux Fort. The criminals and our policemen are the product of a school system that has failed the community. Maybe, just maybe, we need to take a closer look at what is happening in our schools.

  13. All you who running off your mouths about Kenny this and Kenny that Pierre this and Pierre that my question to you suckers WHEN WILL ALLEN MICHAEL CHASTANET ADDRESS CRIME EVERRRRR ??? When ?? For 5yrs he said nothing, not a word, not a word, YOU WILL HEAR HIM TALK ABOUT THE ECONOMY Oh he quick on that….you will hear from him tomorrow, BUT WHEN WILL HE ADDRESS CRIME, maybe he is benefiting from the proceeds of crime why he never addressed it YES I SAID IT (Highgrade teck back no chat). Lord have mercy the nightmare days of Francis how could Lucian’s forget……you remember how Kenny called him out. Pierre has spoken about crime constantly, Kenny has spoken about it and seeking dialogue to address it, UNITED WORTHLESS PARTY WHERE HART THOU .

  14. F****** you were Pm and District Rep for Vieux Fort South .No one can point out one Project that you have Done Nada.I am a Strong Labour man and wont Change at all .That District Rep have not Reoresented Vieux.Fort at all. Gun Violence everyday .Nothing ask the Commissioner of police to seek the Help of tge Rss to Clean St.Lucia and of all illegal Guns .The meeting you will have with the Cop first thing on your agenda Should be that

    • ….dam if he do, he will be dammed if he don’t. Bang, Bang, Bang, what Kenny doing ?? Now Kenny want to have a dialogue with The Police High Command, what every body do,jump all over him, which just proves one thing it’s not him is the problem it’s vindictive Clowns like yourself. Lord help us if we had vote for Francis oh he would have done wonders for VF the same wonders he did for all of St Lucia.

  15. I swear these are the men keeping the island back…As if just recently all the so called top cops was there with Kenny & Pierre so what else they have to discuss? So is a site seeing tour yall took,these guys are JOKERS,I think they should just retire & give the island to some real thinkers or just St Lucia to Mia Motley…At least give her a chance because at least the woman trying unlike these clowns.

  16. Once again as you can see these people remain in power because of the stupid citizens of st Lucian or should i say because of the uneducated ones

  17. Is this what we have been reduced to? So practically as it is now being displayed, politicians are simply playing games with this nation, only seeking to brain the voters so they can get a chance to dip their hands in the cookie jar? Well it’s a shame to live and witness the reality and not interpreting what narrates in a book. So I must ask why this guy needs to meet the HC and not PJP? Why this guy refuse a the position that the PJP was offering and decline, using medical issues, Campton die as a leader fighting for his country. So it means the criminals will sit in these violence area and wait for the police or ridiculously will there be a restriction of people moving from one area to the next. Recently shooting took place in a community that residents said such never happen. Where is that constituent rep. Ishe/she still sleeping? If police know who are the criminals, which I believe they know why they are not making any arrest? Is it a ploy to hog was the situation by seeking public info knowingly that won’t happen to let the crime slip aside? The point is these acts of violence is spread in all corners of St. Lucia and it is already embedded deep within and this police force we have on island who are I’ll equipped, lack of resources and proper training will be unable to take control of this Island. It also could be fear that the police might be attacked or their family members. One have to look at things from all dimensions. What the citizens needs to do is to hold the Politician accountable and protest heavily when 4-5 cruise ships in the harbor so tourist see we just don’t have salt water and beach selling. We have criminals existing both inside government and out on the streets.

  18. Wow. I would just be quiet. You are a failed ***** general. and your leader is a failed ***** general. Operation Eradication is the answer. Take away the entire generation of rodents who are keeping people in distress.

  19. There was a solution and you WEAPONIZED it for political gain. Do you remember RESTORE CONFIDENCE? So just sit and shut up let the real leaders deal with the monster you created. Just keep quiet.

  20. So the last time y’all visited there didn’t y’all discuss the crime situation in the area? Like what did y’all discuss? Was it just a photo Op to show ppl “look at us,the big shots are here,you poor ppl are safe now”…SmH only now you want to discuss crime in your constituency? These politicians on island are just so backwards in everything they do,it’s just pointless even getting upset at them because just expect nothing from these ppl.


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