Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Anthony Wants Concerns Of St Jude Hospital Staff Addressed

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Press Release:– Last week, kitchen, housekeeping, laundry and grounds staff at Saint Jude downed their tools in protest.

According to news reports, the staff withdrew their services to protest occupational health and safety hazards in the kitchen and also, delays in negotiations regarding their salaries and benefits.

Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony, Parliamentary Representative for Vieux-Fort South, says he is
very concerned about the lack of urgency with which the concerns of the staff are being

This neglect, says Dr Anthony, has far reaching consequences for a healthcare
system that is already severely compromised.

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Dr. Anthony remarked, “The staff were promised that by now they would have been operating out of the new hospital in its original home. The UWP has failed to deliver the hospital, but that does not absolve them of their duties to ensure that we have a safe,
functioning hospital in Vieux-Fort. The delays in addressing the numerous leaks
that constantly lead to flooding in the kitchen at the stadium is unacceptable. Every employer has a duty to provide a safe working environment for staff. As one of the workers stated in her interview, handling a hot pot of food in such an environment is dangerous.”

Dr Anthony added,
“Further, the Hospital CEO’s surprise that other ancillary staff were protesting
wages and salaries on Friday signals that the board has lost touch with its staff.
Stalling or a breakdown in negotiations is a pressing issue which has the potential to disrupt the provision of services at St Jude. Given how fragile the situation is at St. Jude, one would expect that to be a matter of priority. We are in a period where everything appears to be going wrong in the management of St. Jude. The hospital does not, currently have a functioning X Ray machine. There are complaints regarding the availability of medication, staff shortages and the conditions at the stadium has deteriorated to an
unacceptable level.”

The existing situation places additional pressure on the staff, disrupts the provision of services and in the end, the public suffers. I therefore urge the government to immediately address the situation in the kitchen to ensure there is more than a quick, temporary fix. In addition, all efforts must be made to speed up the negotiation process so that the ancillary staff mayget their just wages and salaries and put this matter to rest once and for all.”

Dr Anthony concluded:

“Despite their working conditions, the staff at St Jude have served the people of the south wholeheartedly and professionally over the years. I wish to thank them for their continued commitment, particularly during this pandemic. It is my hope that management and the government would do the right thing by engaging the staff, addressing and resolving their concerns.”

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