Antigua & Barbuda Makes Compassionate Payment To Resident Former LIAT Workers

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The Government of Antigua and Barbuda announced Monday that it had dispatched EC$2,000,000 to the LIAT Court-appointed Receiver for distribution to resident former LIAT workers.
“This sum is intended to meet partial satisfaction of the cash component of the compassionate payout which the Antigua and Barbuda Government has volunteered,” a statement  from the office of the country’s Prime Minister said.
The statement said the government extended the compassionate offer, though it had no legal obligation to make any such payments.
“The payment by the Government of Antigua and Barbuda is a compassionate payment, intended to bring some Christmas cheer to those who have been unable to earn incomes since they were severed. The payment is limited to former LIAT workers resident in Antigua and Barbuda,” it noted.
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  1. Volunteered? Compassionate? Gaston you crook. Give the people the money they worked for. I hope people learn that they should never put their faith in Antigua for anything. Day bun volare.

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