Thursday, February 20, 2020

Antigua & Barbuda To Implement Sex Offenders’ Registry

Antigua Observer:-  Residents will soon be alerted when a sex offender moves into their neighborhood.

Attorney General and Public Safety Minister Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin made that disclosure in Parliament this week.

Once convicted, the names of all sexual offenders will be placed on a public registry.

This news follows the establishment hereof a Sexual Offences Model Court last month.

Benjamin, the Parliamentary representative for St. John’s City South, issued a direct warning to the offenders.

“Leave the children alone. I am going to make sure that that is going to be on the list before the end of March of this year. We are going to make certain also to notify the neighborhoods into which you are going to reside,” he said during his contribution to the budget debate.

“Mothers in the community must know that this person is a sexual predator and special care must be taken to protect those young, vulnerable persons.”

Earlier this week, Minister of Sports, National Festivals, Culture and the Arts, Daryll Matthew called on the Attorney General to put legislation in place to prevent convicted and known sexual offenders from hanging around areas – mainly sporting facilities – where young people frequent daily.


  1. YES YES YES We need the same laws in St Lucia so we can put the names of lawyers ministers priests senators,all our beautifull respected sex and child predators on the wall.that would be a great day

  2. So when your 16 year old son gets pit on the registration for having intercourse with his 15 year old girlfriend then what? Or public urination…

  3. So easy to hate on people you know nothing about. No one wants children to be hurt in any way….ever. But learn the facts of what the registry does. Who is on the list? Some one who is 19 and has consensual sex with a 16 year old? Someone who was abused themselves and have disassociate disorder? Someone who had child porn because they caught up in a porn site? Or someone who raped a child? There is a big difference in “sex crimes”. Yet all will be treated the same. Which leads to homelessness….on purpose by the government. Many of these people have children and grandchildren themselves. Do those children matter? Yet only hate is legalized but not mental health programs to help those who don’t think right for what ever reason….before the child is hurt. Why is mental health not funded? It would be if it truly was about all children. Why not list the drug dealers who get the kids hooked. That is an even bigger problem.

  4. I don’t know what they’re paying to implement the registry, but doubt it can remain up for very long. It will make no difference in community safety or be of any use to law enforcement. Just like its American counterparts, tons of money will be spent to create and maintain the stupid thing and it won’t make one bit of difference in anything. Of all things American to emulate, the sex offense registry is not among the wisest.

  5. Emotionally, everyone who has been victimized wants their offender (and all others of the same) type to not do the same again. Statistically, this is far from the truth… especially for those who commit a sex crime. In the USA, 95+% of sex offenders commit this a sex crime as their first offense and never will do it again (very low recidivism rate).

  6. So sad when politicians resort to false claims and scare tactics to make themselves look relevant. Just proves that the ignorant public responds with emotion instead of logic and fact.

  7. Attorney General and Public Safety Minister Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin says all offenders are sexual predators who target children. This person is either stupid or very ignorant. How was such a high office achieved? Oh, wait, it’s just politics playing to emotions. Nothing to do with facts or truth.

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