Antigua: Court summons hangs over Magistrate’s head

Antigua Observer:-Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh has received a stern warning from the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court of Appeal that she would be summoned before it if she continues to defy the court’s order.

The order was issued following Magistrate Walsh’s failure to produce the complete and correct record of her decision in a criminal case that is being appealed.

During a recent sitting of the appellate court, Chief Justice Dame Janice Pereira recalled that she had made the order since March 14, 2016 for the Chief Magistrate to submit the record to the supreme court “no later than the 30th day of May, 2016” in the case of Anthony Browne who was convicted of larceny.

The judge said that the court has a copy of an affidavit dated April 4, 2016 from the High Court bailiff confirming that the magistrate has been served with a copy of the Order yet, up to last week, there had been no reply or submission of the document to the appellate court.