Antigua: Lack of forgiveness blamed for divorce rate

Antigua Observer:– Head of the Evangelical Association in Antigua & Barbuda, Bishop Stephen Andrews has said lack of forgiveness could be the underlying factor behind the latest report that suggests infidelity is the main reason for divorce on the island.

A recent report compiled about divorce has suggested that married couples are separating more often because of infidelity rather than financial problems.

“The whole idea of infidelity falls under the umbrella of a broken covenant or unfaithfulness that we see taking place in the world today, and the failure to forgive”, Bishop Andrews told OBSERVER media.

Bishop Andrews said the church continues to preach faithfulness, commitment, the keeper of covenant and holiness, but sometimes people go their own way.

“If a man understands his responsibility with a partner, he continues to maintain that covenant,” he explained.

The bishop said the church teaches the law of forgiveness which is sometimes ignored.

“If something happened and someone falls short and the parties can forgive each other, we won’t have the number of divorces because the parties can work out their differences and have their marriages restored,” he said.

According to Bishop Andrews, another factor is people’s inability to move on after an incident.

“I think the biggest problem is that people have not come to the point where they are willing to forgive and move on. I know there are some extreme cases where there are some people who believe they cannot forgive, and so they divorce,” he explained.

He said from a church perspective, if a person admits to wrong then “the onus is on us, as a church, to help that person through counseling prayer and deliverance”.

According to the report, 26.9 per cent of respondents said “infidelity” was the reason for divorcing, while only 9.2 per cent of respondents observed that “financial problems” was their reason.