Antigua PM Blasts ‘Weak Minded’ Caribbean Leaders Who Met Trump

Jamaica Gleaner:– Prime ministers within the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) have been sounding off over the decision of a select few Caribbean leaders to meet with United States (US) President Donald Trump last Friday in Florida to discuss the deepening political crisis in Venezuela and energy security.

Trump met with leaders from The Bahamas, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica and St Lucia at his private residence in Palm Beach, Florida.

Among those expressing outrage is the prime minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Gaston Browne, who questioned whether the visit represented diplomacy or bribery.

“I feel embarrassed for those weak-minded leaders who allowed themselves to be used by carrying out the agenda of others,” Browne, writing on Facebook, said over the weekend as details emerged about the outcome of the meeting.

“CARICOM must continue its sustaining position by standing on principle without inducements or fear of reprisals,” he insisted, apparently in reference to Trump pledging investment for the Caribbean countries whose leaders he hosted.

A high-level delegation from the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), the US development lender, would visit their nations in the next 90 days, the White House said on that issue.

And reacting, Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness told journalists in Florida that such a move was important.

“The message from this meeting is that the United States wants to encourage and promote stronger relationships with the region. It’s absolutely important that it’s not just talk – that there will be real investment,” said Holness, the immediate former chairman of Caricom.

Browne, who leads a socialist party in Antigua and Barbuda, scoffed at the promised US investments, declaring that it was evident that “there are some who are determined to undermine CARICOM’s solidarity and to relegate the region to an object of history”.

“The irony about all this, OPIC is already operating in these countries and China offers better credit terms: developmental loans over 20 years at two per cent interest with a five-year moratorium,” he argued.

Also taking issue with the visit is Dr Ralph Gonsalves, prime minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines. Speaking to the media in Barbados over the weekend for a shareholders’ meeting of airline company LIAT, Gonsalves described the situation as “troubling”.

Gonsalves stated that the meeting cut across the agreed mechanisms Caricom has in place.

“These four prime ministers that have gone – clearly it’s not a CARICOM mission – and none of those governments can speak for anybody but themselves. Certainly, they can’t speak for CARICOM or St Vincent and the Grenadines,” Gonsalves said, mentioning that CARICOM has its own committee, comprising St Kitts and Nevis’ Prime Minister Dr Timothy Harris; Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago Dr Keith Rowley; and Mia Mottley, prime minister of Barbados, to spearhead dialogue on the crisis in the South American country.

He said the region must be aware of “the mischief that some persons may be up to to seek to divide us in a manner which we ought not to be divided and therefore reduce the extent of the efficacy of our work”.

Meanwhile, Jamaica’s Foreign Affairs Minister Kamina Johnson Smith has made it clear that the only country that is part of the Lima group that was represented at the closely watched meeting is St Lucia.

Johnson Smith also sought to make it clear that Jamaica has not recognised Juan Guaidó as president of Venezuela.


  1. The American message never changes: “If you are our obedient little puppets and do what we say, you will be rewarded. If not, you will be severely punished!”….
    It is often said that “the only thing worse than being an enemy of the United States, is being a friend of the United States.”
    Take your pick. You can’t win either way.

    • Yet people like you, lie and cheat your way to acquire legal documents to migrate to the US. Pay thousands of dollars to marry an American citizen for a green card.

      All like minded people who talk like you are a sad and perfectic excuse and a waste space.

    • Sad how some leaders are followers. He is darn right about the bias move of some to cause segregation among the Caribbean leaders. But when a leader believe they cannot survive without getting praise or bribed into mediocre movements it’s sad.

  2. Mr. Browne has to realise that vendettas are useless,the US Congress crushed online gambling in Antigua he is still angry. PM Chastanet is doing what’s necessary for the development of St.Lucia quite intelligently and mindful of the collective.St.Lucia must push forward to to get out of the backward poor poor economy that he inherited as a result we have violent crime,inadequate health services,poor education, poor justice system etc.

      • Well said ! I don’t know what investment either. Trump said AFTER 90 days a consultant investment team will visit individual islands to see what tangible investment can be made NOTHING was written in stone he said it he did not WRITE IT a promissory note to each PM but yet everybody pumping their fist like they got a piece of candy they never hear don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

  3. Another head of a Socialist party that lives in the ga ga world and the dream of the 70 the ilusion of their great dream world that still has not materialized.St Lucia is part of what is called the Lima Group,and is allso included in the Caricom group.Brown were did you place your votes?and what was the result? Prime minister of St Lucia has the right to go were he pleases and meet with who ever he likes.He never proclaimed representing any group of nations,just St Lucia.I understand you getting upset,but then you realize that your political ideas are out dated,your words are irrelevant you cant convince the mayority.You are going to witness a change in Cuba in these following years,the first steps are ocurring with speed,the presence of the Royal family in Cuba,should open your eyes and hope your brains.So you will be saying that the Cubans betrayed you,in some years? As a simple farmer,I tell you,you ridding a lame horse that wont end the journey,change horses,and reach your end revitalized and energetic

    • Well said, sir. This dude is riding a horse with a broken leg. Why do these leaders think that they have to right to dictate who our prime Minister do business with. IMO…. They are jealous because they were snubbed. #trump2020 #MAGA# KeepAmericaGreat #blacksfortrump.

    • Thank you Castries Fishman **** Prime minister of Antigua MR GASTON BROWNE – Sit down and Stand up – When you are ask to . Carnival Cruise ships Cancelled your port of Call – Due to your the Nasty Reteric and Very poor Negotiations Skills . The US has made the Following Caricom PM ‘S IRRELEVANT and they are : T& T , ST Vincent, Dominican and You MR GASTON. YOU ALL ARE IN SHOCK AND AWE – because My Newly elected Pm From St lucia has taken the leadership in the Eastern Caribbean – and By Extension Jamaica in the West .

      • I will take Gaston Browne over Donald Trump every time. Principle over promises always. Chastanet and his other four cohorts are unprincipled men who can be very easily persuaded with promises from a known pathological liar. Chastanet is incapable of fixing anything. Everything he touches stagnated or deteriorates. The man is a moron. Don’t expect much good from him.

  4. Those who speak of St. Lucia….remember this is an island. From the minute St. Lucia steps out of lime you will be out in the dog house where you once were under this same party where the now PM was once Minister of Tourism. Mr. Trump wants Venezuela’so oil and for those who wish to be puppets continue to believe you can sell yourself for supposed development. What development? You talk about fisherman, come out of here sea and know the nonsense the Americans are.are doing even in St. Lucia.

    • At Kami…….. You are miss inform ! The US is the 2 largest oil producer in the World – hense she is a Net exporter of oil . Therefore the US dont depend or in need of Venezuela’s oil . Venezuela and Canada have the Worse Quality oil on Planet earth , They need the US Refineries because they lack the technology . Good day to you .

      • The US refineries use the hard crude oil from Venezuela to mix with their finer oil to get the proper grade and now the US refineries are complaining how much they need the Venezuelan oil.

  5. One God one world with a divided people,Mr. Prime Minister hold ur head up and lead Saint Lucia in the way it should go, those leaders that was not invited and are upset shame on ull, what have anyone of u ever done for Saint Lucia (NOTHING) focus on the the failed leadership skills that we has a people has experienced for decades with no end in sight. TRUMP has not done nothing to us the people compare to the bashing u fake leaders is saying about those that MET Trump. BE BLESS GOD RUNS THE WORLD NOT MAN ONLY GOD.

    • Amen ! Jealous and Angry ! Our Pm and the JA Pm – will Reform Caricom – long over due – our people are suffering in the Caribbean – change of direction is a must .

      • Leave Jamaica out of your argument, please. The ediot Prime Minister done sell out our principles, already.

        I feel so ashamed.

  6. It is no secret that Allen Chastanet is a moron. He is manifestly, flamboyantly unqualified to be PM. It goes without saying that he has been wrong about everything. I don’t mean the occasional bad call, which all of us make. I mean a track record that includes predicting that giving money to foreign investors would produce a magnificent economic boom, eg, OJO lab, DHS, OKH, etc. Beyond that Allen Chastanet has a problem with facts. No wonder his government is a hackistocracy – rule by ignorant and incompetent.

  7. Browne you pathetic monkey,what scam did you do to become prime minister of Antigua? I cant believe Antigans voted for you,you cant be so backwards.Viejo socialista y puto

  8. Judas was one of Jesus disciple he went on his own to bargain to sell Jesus. was he right for doing that.They crucified Jesus Christ some people think he deserves it while he was found inocent .where does all of us fall in this.I think this is just like that even when someone is wrong or guilty their would be people on there side always.

    • We are jealous because a white man who referred to our countries as “shithole countries” invited 5 unprincipled leaders to his house?
      That is the attitude that led our forefathers into slavery and allowed white led countries to steal our natural resources and dominate us.
      We obviously have not learned anything after decades of struggle and are still willing to stab each other in the back for our own personal benefit, rather than moving forward as a principled, united front to validate black states and their people as “real” people.

    • I wonder who are the Judas’ there. Should be those in Minority. Those who voted for Maduro, who apparently is betraying his own people.

  9. TT Woman,solve the problem you have at home 380 Trinidanians went to fight for ISIS,in the middle east.Now that they have been defeated,by a world coalition,hope they killed them all,because we dont want that shite in our islands.We know were we stand in St Lucia,and its on the right side,not on the side of all you comunists and extremists,that believ in uthopia and sistems that have proven to be a failure.Show us one socialist country and goverment that can show a relative succes,were all inhabitants enjoy freedom of speech and freedom to elect their leaders,freedom to travel freedom to create enterprise.freedom to live.Just one

  10. On a point of correction. They had a meeting with the President of the United States of America.

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