Antigua’s UPP Leader Congratulates Pierre

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The leader of the opposition United Progressive Party (UPP) in Antigua & Barbuda has dispatched a congratulatory message to Saint Lucia’s Prime Minister-elect, Philip J, Pierre, on the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) landslide victory in Monday’s general elections.

In the July 27 letter to Pierre, who will be sworn in Wednesday afternoon, UPP leader, Harold E. Lovell, noted that his  overwhelming success confirms the confidence the electorate has vested in Pierre’s party at a time when the region and, indeed, the Western World are looking for leadership that takes the people into account.

“In this challenging period, when the uncertainties of Covid-19 threaten lives and health, industries and economies, we recognise that leadership demands new attitudes and flexible responses,” Lovell’s letter, published in Antigua Observer, stated.

He said will not be easy for any developing nation to make its way.

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As a result, the UPP leader expressed the hope that the people of Saint Lucia will bolster their support at the polls with patience, understanding, maturity and a long-term commitment to positive change.

“Our hope, too, is that – individually and collectively – your new Administration will live up to the call you have answered,” Lovell expressed.

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