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Updated on June 2, 2020 9:26 am
Updated on June 2, 2020 9:26 am
Updated on June 2, 2020 9:26 am

Anxious Shoppers Besiege Massy Supermarket In Castries

Anxious shoppers besieged Massy Stores Waterfront Supermarket Tuesday morning, forcing the outlet to slow down operations to manage the crowd, reports say.

Video recordings of agitated supermarket customers were posted on social media.

Similar scenes were reported elsewhere.

The developments came as the government Tuesday relaxed a 24-hour curfew to allow citizens the opportunity to buy essential supplies such as food and medication and visit the bank.

A new curfew is currently in effect from 7:00 PM to 5:00 AM.

But citizens say because of uncertainty over what lies in the future, they want to ensure that they are not caught off guard if more restrictions are imposed.

The government of Saint Lucia has implemented zones in order to curtail the spread of COVID-19.

Officials say the purpose of the two zones into which the Island has been divided is to limit the movement of persons which may put others at risk.

On Monday night Acting Police Commissioner Milton Desir said on national television that it is expected that persons will maintain their social distance at supermarkets.

“I must indicate now that we have officers who will be there on patrol to ensure that social distancing is maintained,” Desir told the nation.


  1. Massy, online shopping should have been implemented by you years ago.

    You’ll would not have been reinventing the wheel as industry giants such as Amazon has been using this model for decades.

    I would bet my bottom dollar that more than half of ALL the people queuing outside of Massy stores know how to shop online especially from Amazon.

    Now, had online shopping been part of your business strategy long time ago, you’ll would not have been facing this.

    I would rather stay at my home and order from your site whatever time I want, then I could have the option of in house pick up (which could have been a separate destination where id would be required) OR have my goods delivered to me (if i spent up to a particular amount). I would not even care is 2 days later i get it. Amazon Prime style.

    I hope this Corona Virus forces business in St.Lucia to change their way of thinking and embrace technology fully. In recent times before this nightmare happened you heard from some so called successful business “that is how we do things” when presented with innovative ideas to change.

    Guess what Corona decided for you.

    Stop reacting and start being proactive.


  2. So this moronic policy is exacerbating the same issue they trying to stop. Why not keep supermarkets open 24/7 to lessen the rush.

  3. This clearly exposes the lack of experience and wisdom by PM AND CMO go get advice from the wiser folks in society keep the damn supermarkets opened and avoid the chaos people are worried the y’all would panic and take some knee jerk action again

    • That clearly shows how ignorant our people are we need someone to translate what was said in Spanish because it it clear that st lucians don’t understand English nor patior

  4. We sleep on us too long here for most every thing.
    For some years now, shopping online can be done in Grenada at supermarkets.
    That could save a lot of hooliganism here today.
    Think outside the box in 2020.

  5. As I said earlier the PM should never shut the supermarket doors. The supermarkets were supposed to stay open at all times. You cannot have the people Lockdown 24 hrs unable to go food shopping.
    I live in in England, we are Lockdown but all supermarkets are open for us to shop for food and medicines. Whoever gave you such advice to have the nation on a week Lockdown and shut all supermarkets need to learn about humanity.

  6. In the times we are living, people ae finding creative and lucrative ways to do business and offer services, in Grenada local produce farmers are taking orders by phone and deliver packages of vegetables to your house on designated days. How convenient can that be especially for people with special needs diet during a lockdown.
    Dominica has just introduced an online and WhatsApp service for local produce as well.
    Don’t we have any Lucian ingenuity anymore? or are we depending on this government to take the lead? ha

  7. Amen, Massy should have already implemented online shopping. Shopbox have island wide delivery for $10.00, so why can’t Massy.?

  8. People would rather have COVID knowing that they have a chance at survival than to die of hunger. Food is what we need to survive; no matter what, people will always act this way when they are away from food for such a long time. Many countries have the issue in getting people to keep that physical distance. We are human beings and we desperate in need of food. Closing the supermarkets was a very bad move by the government, especially the way he did it.

  9. And the more of us that put pressure on them, the strongerbwe will look in the rebuke of them. I don’t know if my fair lady Sharon Belmar George is part of the advisors to the PM but I hope not. We also know he is not well known for listening or taking advice. The worse leaders are those who make the wrong judgment call. After being under lockdown you immediately convert it to 24/7? Who does that? Because your cupboard have, we all have? How insensitive and inconsiderate can one get? We talking about food here. And to add insult to injury, his shinning amour minister says we won’t die if we don’t have food. We the people will not forget that.

  10. St. Lucia is always backwards in coming forwards. So many things could be done on line which are not being done ??

  11. I call us all family, even if I DO NOT know you..

    Please, you want to be alive; please stay/keep focus;


    Respect yourself! Respect others!

    This virus is NOT a joke!

  12. I must admit,every one is taking jabs at the PM…no one can live without food and water,that is very true!…i myself face the crisis,imagine with no sufficient food and with no money in my pocket cuz i lost my job months prior and i didn’t get no donation or contribution from their relief packages though i was very interested in receiving any help from the authorites,i also didn’t get or neither try asking from any neighbour,what i did was i “miltipleyay” the little that i had with a few crops i planted in my small yard way before this situation,thanks god my kids and wife live in some other country and was fortunate to not encounter such inhumane treatment..but on the other hand this crisis is new to this existing generation of ppl and to any gov’t whether is present or opposing,we got abreast information on the wider world of how deadly and rapidly this covid19 was taking over ppl,s lives,it is all fair that we understand that our PM is new to this sort of calamity like any other leader in the world where most went into panic mode and followed most of the protocols that countries with the highest infection and mortality rate.The PM and his counterparts really intended well on the populace,the opposition would be incharge and their two hands would of been tied the same way hence the PM also seek some sort of mediating with them the opposition leader on any insight…calling a 24/7 lockdown was trying to save our small nation though he was also considerate with distribution packages island wide and intervals into allowing community shops being opened for sometime to alleviate some stress,and im assuring you that some of the most needy and vulnerable didn’t recieve assistance as to this could never have any perfect solution of tracking and meeting persons in a timely manner…this is a time where we ought to be compassionate and considerable with the authorities that they don’t intend on any malice,i’m certainly sure that the “so called”mighty SLP is content that they are not in the hot seat at this critical time and i also think it was disgusting for Mr.Phillip J Pierre to repeat on any rumour that authorities chose to release packages on to UWP followers and SLP,s,when both leaders kept on repeating we are in this together,fact is the whole country is in this together as covid19 do not discriminate or has any specialboundaries.

    • Please stop with the BS this is the scrutiny of running the country, i wonder if you were this concerned when the last administration was being lambasted for the crime situation(which has only worsened). The opposition(now government) then was not very accommodating by then huh? In fact,this opposition has been very accommodating to the ruling party the only issue they have raised is the unfair distribution of supplies affecting their constituents. It’s as if people forget the amount of vitriol Kenny has gotten as Prime Minister, it comes with the job if you can’t take stand the heat get out of the Kitchen

  13. 2020 is a year of vision ….
    Corona I pray opened the eyes of the business places and leaders of the country to do more strategic planning more as one stated outside the box ,more conventional planning and more wisdom . So I pray that by next month we should (see) a change in pattern through all this barbaric behavior all this miscommunication and lack of leadership skills this relief packages were a plus I must say I’m proud but the other strategies need more deep or brain storming maybe an onsite from persons out of the government walls a voice that’s more for the common man that the so called rich and famous..just saying

  14. In the US they lament why a disproportionate death rate affects “blacks”. Is it really any wonder when you look at the stupidity on display here in St. Lucia. Idiots standing shoulder to shoulder. Passing the virus. Watch closely people you are seeing evolution before your very eyes. Nature has a way of eradicating the stupid and inferior. It is happening to us. Get smart before it’s too late. Whites laff at we.

  15. Nothing to laf at ,only to pray. People are people black or white we come from one Craetor and He loves all of us equally.This is a shaking of the world all nation’s must recognize we need God’s help. Praying for St. Luciana. Peace

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