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Archbishop Cites Killings, Says Life Is Cheap In Saint Lucia

The head of the Saint Lucia Catholic church has expressed concern about violent crime here, telling members of the flock that life is cheap in Saint Lucia.

Archbishop Robert Rivas was addressing the traditional Good Friday Way of the Cross observance.

He disclosed that in Trinidad and Tobago one thousand dollars in local currency which he described as “no money”, the equivalent of about $EC 450, can pay an assassin to get rid of someone.

“That is the price we are putting on life. It’s cheap; it’s irrelevant; it’s not important,” Archbishop Robert Rivas declared.

He asserted that there are people who are prepared to pay to destroy life and poor people who are prepared to accept the money to “go and do the mess.”

Rivas said this must never be the way of society in any part of the world.

But he observed that it is creeping into Saint Lucian society.

“I don’t know how many pieces of silver are paid, but life is cheap in Saint Lucia,” Rivas stated.

“People are being killed on our streets; near our schools; near our sacred places; and who cares?”

“Where are the voices that are speaking out against this type of criminality in our society?” He asked.

“How long will it go on? Why did Jesus sacrifice his life for us to bring us justice and peace – to bring us life; eternal life and the promise of life forever?” Rivas stated.

“It cannot continue this way,” the Archbishop asserted.

“ As long as it does, there will always be a miscarriage of justice or criminals will continue to take justice in their hands and we don’t call that justice; we call that vengeance – revenge; where life continues to be cheapened and to be worth nothing,” he stated.

Rivas explained that when justice is “shut up” in the society, criminality takes over.

“When people become afraid to speak because of the possible consequences of telling the truth – of giving evidence, then criminality takes over,” the head of the Saint Lucia Catholic church said.

Rivas spoke against the backdrop of nine homicides here so far for the year, the latest on Thursday afternoon when Chad Ramsay of Marchand was gunned down in broad daylight in Castries.

Another man, Michael Deterville, was reported in stable condition in hospital Friday after being shot at Trou Rouge, Marchand, Thursday shortly before midnight, in what is suspected to have been a related incident.



  1. Life is cheap on St.Lucia? You figure? Wow, some of us are very shallow, slow and lame on this island.

    • Smuf, His Grace is right. You see when you checking a young girl and sending her nude pictures and she wants $700.00 to go on a vacation and you turn her down then it says that the life is cheap. Now compare that to Trinidad, where a young lady is offered TT$10,000 (EC£5000.00) to spend time with that same person. That same Trini is offered TT$25,000(EC$12,500) to deny the story while the St.Lucia girl is arrested and almost faced jail time. That Trinidad young lady is offered a trip to Jamaica that will cost minimum US$2000.00 (EC$5500) to spend time with that same man (airfare and hotel). Compare the figures and tell me what you think about life in St.Lucia.

  2. There is nothing to achieve in st Lucia most private sector workers work for nothing Guardsman and other security companies are paying 4:25 cents an hour working 12 hour shifts which adds up to 51 dollars a day what can that do for a man and his family people prefer to do crime than make the self a slave for the private sector the ashbishop need to address modern day slavery in st Lucia

  3. Yeah blame the church, that some of you’ll never even see the inside of. What happen to you parents and yourselves for that matter.

  4. Church teachings my foot. You’ll go to school and don’t learn crap but yeah the church teaching negative things and you’ll picking it up. Wow, Bravo, Bravo, Bravo. If some of you had any sense you’ll would pick up the positive / good stuff regardless of where you are.

  5. Amen pantherzone. Black ppl blame every body for their problems except themselves. What the church has to do with ppl behaviour these days. The same stuff that we do, that’s evil, hasn’t the church being condoning such acts from times?

    • ok white TC. Hope you forever remain white. As you get whiter you will be able to explain how much black people behaviour different from white people. When you become fully white you will, I hope, discover that people’s behaviour are people’s behaviour and so you will end your stupid comments about black people because I very much suspect that you don’t understand that you are damning your own self.

  6. The main source of crime is poverty also as the Upper class people horde most of the country’s wealth some of the lower class people will continue to commit crime. Now that doesnt excuse those poor ppl because some of their peers chose to work a for menial pay (hotel-workers, security guards etc). Also the upper case ppl commit crime as well it’s just white collar crime(direct contracts)

  7. Life is cheap for some not for all. When a government minister can give his friend letter to get $167 million dollars and we tax payers will pay life is not cheap for that person, that same minister can give Al contracts to his family , Fresh Start, life is not cheap for them.

  8. Pantherzone you are correct ..parents and yourself. There is no new thing under the sun in every society in the world there is poverty…however every poor person does not resort to crime…only a certain element….people wake up before your island is destroyed by its good for nothing citizens who refuse to do that which is right for themselves and their fellow man.

  9. Materialism is many people’s God. Some people tie their self-esteem to what materials they have. Why you think people walk around with certain phone brands in their hand? certain items make them feel superior. Youths come home with 65 inch flat screen TV, laptops, Jordan sneakers, and other bling, bling; and parents know that they that their youths cannot afford to buy these things, but accept them anyway; then the youths graduate to robbing to have a pocket full of money, and at some point the youth pays the ultimate price. The parent or parents, living in a state of denial, make comments like The boy was a good boy. When parents encourage criminal behave, they should prepare themselves for the consequences. As a person lives, so shall that person die.

  10. It is not all doom and gloom. Canada recently changed its travel advice/advisory for St. Lucia from Exercise a High Degree of Csution to Exercise Normal Secutity Precautions. So this is good news. There must be some improvement in the crime situation. I know that I, for one, am more likely to visit St. Lucia for a vacation now.


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