Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Archbishop Says Church Not Against Gays Or Lesbians

The head of the Saint Lucia Catholic Church, Archbishop Robert Rivas, has asserted that the church is not against gays or lesbians and has expressed the hope that the governments in the region will ‘do what is right’ on the matter of the law against buggery.

There have been increasing calls for the existing legislation to be reviewed.

Rivas said during the HTS Evening News Friday night that in many developed societies, the matter has gone beyond debate.

“In some places it is already removed,” the Archbishop noted.

“If it is a law that is distressing and it is not a law that is serving its purpose the way it ought to have served its purpose in the past, then it has to be reviewed and updated,” Rivas stated.

While declaring that he hopes that the governments of the region do what is right, he highlighted the need to always maintain ‘a high moral standard and values for our people.’

“The church is not against gays or lesbians – the church is maybe against the activity where there is a moral issue, but in terms of the person, the church will always love the person and care for the person as Jesus did,” Rivas told HTS News.

“Jesus did not accept adultery but he accepted the adulteress and he said ‘If you have no sin cast the first stone at her’,” Rivas stated.


  1. So you mean to tell me the “activity” of gays and lesbians is not a moral issue? And you mean to tell me that’s the only law that’s not serving its purpose and needs reviewing and updating? The church is not against it, well how could it?

    Yes Jesus did accept the adulteress and said he without sin cast the first stone. But he also said to her, the adulteress, GO AND SIN NO MORE!! Sir if you are gonna preach then preach the entire word. He loved the sinner but despises the sin

  2. So Mr Rivas you don’t believe in the Bible when it clearly states that this is an abomination. You think God was wrong to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. I think you are trying to get your congregation increased at any cost shame on you and the Catholic Church

  3. The church getting with the times I see. Clearly the opposition has won when the incumbent is changing their song.

  4. “The church is not against gays or lesbians – the church is maybe against the activity where there is a moral issue”…The man say the church MAYBE against the activity. gay sex is the activity and the church SHOULD be against it since the BIBLE is against it. Oh well i guess its just to keep black ppl in check this Christianity song.
    Now Rivas, the gov’t / state doesnt hate the person, it hates the crime, buggery is a crime and so perpetrator pays. No different than what the bible teaches. Break Gods law, he doesnt hate you but you pay.
    Finally, there is separation of church and state. Dont tell the state how to legislate. Otherwise first thing needed is to remove all the perks which the same laws you criticize afford the churches. Lets see how yo crow after that. You hypocrite.

  5. abomination, says the Lord of host; vanity, all is vanity; Sodom is back and here comes Gomorrha; the days of pain and sorrow is upon Lucia!

  6. Which one of you’ll practice all what is you’ll so called bible. You’ll are so against gays and lesbians but you’ll children out of wedlock and in church. Sex before marriage and in church. Lie and seal and living with married men and the list is endless…..

    • Make sure you can cast the first stone village atheist because when you go before the GOD whose existence you deny, He will ask you about YOUR sins and not another’s.
      Also, i’d like to see you prevent GOD from taking back His breath when He’s ready for you.
      Romans 10:9.

      • That’s not the point now is it? The Atheist clearly doesn’t give a rat’s behind about this scripture. All that is being asked is which one of y’all practice what the bible says. You’re casting the first stone against gays, yet you don’t follow the same rules you use to castigate them. It is hypocritical.

  7. Oh my people I love all the comments thank you people for understanding the law of God its high time our people realize that the priests are teaching false doctrine they are the ones who are molesting our young males they’re the ones responsible for Sodom and Gomorrah life style in the world today then they send people who have not repented of their sins to heaven we people need to stand up to these false preachers our sweet saint lucia already have too much on her hands

  8. Lord have mercy on St. Lucia.May the purifying blood of Jesus saturate the land; let Christians live consecrated lives that they may be light in these abominable days.

  9. just as Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding cities ,which like wide indulged in sexual immortality and pursued unnatural desire ,serve as an example by undergoing a punishment of eternal fire ,(Jude 7)
    If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination, they shall surely be put to death,their blood is upon them,( Leviticus 20:13),
    if you reading the bible you should know better, God put man and woman, no wonder you priests keep going after the little boys. Because all of you are gay and your reason for becoming priests Marriage is not a sin, I don’t hate gay people because they are people like me,But the church’s should know better, No wonder we dying like flies because the end is near.

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