Monday, November 18, 2019

Archbishop Says Every Leader Must Be Held To A Very High Standard

The head of the Catholic Church in Saint Lucia, Archbishop Robert Rivas, has declared that every leader, regardless of of whatever level of society in which they operate, must be held to a very high standard.

Rivas spoke amid he continuing ‘Trinigate’ controversy involving portions of  at times salacious telephone conversations between a male and a female with a Trinidadian accent.

The male is widely believed to be Doctor Ubaldus Raymond, Saint Lucia’s Public Service Minister.

Raymond has previously been involved in a scandal in which nude photographs, purportedly of him, were circulated on social media.

“Whether we are teachers; whether we are priests; bishops; or at the religious level or at the level of politics or government or civil leaders – everybody has to have a standard,” Archbishop Rivas declared in remarks aired by Hot 7 News.

According to the head of the local Catholic church, the highest standard is always the ideal to aim at.

He spoke as more ‘Trinigate’ audio recordings were posted on social media.

Archbishop Rivas said everyone should be open to criticism.

“A real leader should never be afraid of criticism. We should always be open to it – open to discussion; open to questions and open to building  better world,” the Clergyman asserted.



    • Bob, I started reading the article and was certain that by the time I got to this point I would see people like you trying to shoot the messenger. This is so typical of the 43% with preschool education. Why don’t you seek to analyze the basic message in the article. I guess that’s beyond you. A leader is one who people (especially our youth) should want to emulate. Whatever happens in the church, the Archbishop is correct in saying that our leaders must be held to standards. Now Bob, 43% the preschooler, that’s to hard for you to understand?


    Inappropriate behavior could never be right.

    The Bishop is absolutely right.

    Public office is not only public trust, but also ‘…sacrosanct.’

    Betray that trust and ‘…crapaud will smoke pipe.’

    Commendably, the good Doctor ‘…took the high-ground’ by tendering his resignation.

    Not many across the region has done so.

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