Archbishop Seeks Meeting With Rastafarian Leaders After Attack On Church

The head of the Roman Catholic Church in Saint Lucia, Robert Rivas, is seeking a meeting with local Rastafarian leaders after Sunday’s arson attack against the Pierrot Catholic Church at Vieux Fort.

A dreadlock sporting man hurled Molotov cocktails at a statue outside the church and was later held by parishioners as he entered the building with other incendiary devices.

Rivas told a news conference Monday that the church would be sympathetic towards the individual if he is truly mentally deranged.

He said he would wish that the suspect would get help and be willing to take his medication if that is part of the problem and be on the mend.

However the Catholic Church official noted that the incident constituted a crime and that also has to be addressed.

“We wouldn’t like a repetition of it in the future,” Rivas stated.

He said that unfortunately too many such incidents involving the Catholic church have occurred.

“Unfortunately each time we are identifying the same type of people or set of people who are perpetrating the crime, so maybe it’s time for the authorities to meet,” Rivas said.

“I would be very happy to meet – I don’t know who the leader of the Rastafarian movement is here in Saint Lucia, but because some of the crime has been identified with this group against the church, I would be very willing with my Vicar General and whoever else would be needed to meet, sit down and discuss this with my brother leaders in the Rastafarian movement here,” he told Monday’s news conference.

Rivas indicated that the objective would be to work towards a peaceful resolution and a peaceful co-existence.

He said he is sure that some of the members of the Rastafarian movement in Saint Lucia were probably once Catholics or Christians, but have now found another way of turning to their God.

“I have no quarrel with them. I would respect them for their faith, but they must also respect Christians and Catholic Christians for our faith and we should be able to live together,” Rivas declared.


  1. Oh after 400 yrs of non existent now we exist. I don’t like the “tone” they already want to condemn the bredrin as a mental case for standing for truth and rights. They have been brainwashing Black People for 500 yrs with their White God White Philosophy White Ideology White dreams many of my people have been condemn by them because they were of different faith because they were not married they had a child out of wedlock IT RUNS DEEP. I must consult the elders that’s still around and have suffered Atrocities by The Catholic Church to learn more he better come with an apology and a letter from the Bway Pope what they take it for. Everybody wants peace nobody want justice.

    • @LucianLowgrade … please stay in your lane, and don’t go blaspheming people left, right and centre. This is no call for divisiveness, hatred and racism (on your part). Let the priest and the rasta brethren meet – you will NOT BE THERE to know what they will discuss, and what conclusion they will come to. Stay in your lane! Better yet – Stay At Your Home!

      • …so said the enemy of our state who will always bestowed his sell out blessings on St Lucia… are right they don’t want me there…the whole Battalion of SSU would have to accommodate THAT HEATHEN. Funny how it’s presumed as divisiveness when they are attack or confronted about their unholy atrocities, but there is nothing divisive about THE RUBBUISH they feed Black People every Sunday. I bet you still think Jesus Christ was related to Fabio Lanzoni bunch of worthless clowns. They need to speak to a “soft Rass” like Alexander (we warn him already) this will not accomplish a dam thing the revolution has begun.

  2. You will always find some misfits in society,that want to fix the world with fire.Dont waste your time undoing their mental knots just put them in a cage so that we are all safe,loose the key please.

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