Saturday, October 19, 2019

Armed Bandits Attack La Clery Business

Armed bandits attacked Allied Sales in La Clery, Castries, Thursday afternoon and escaped in a waiting car after robbing two individuals who were at the business establishment, it has been reported.

An eyewitness who spoke to St Lucia Times on condition of anonymity said a vehicle dropped two male individuals at the front of the building and parked nearby.

“After that I saw two guys running and I hear ‘Hold them! Hold them!’, and the two guys went in a white Suzuki Swift and it just gone,” the eyewitness stated.

He said he later heard that the two masked men had robbed Allied Sales hardware store.

The men are reported to have relieved two persons who were in the business place at the time of cash and their mobile telephones.

“I don’t know what they could do to stop that,” the eyewitness lamented.

He said the incident occurred after noon.

Just last week, armed robbers shot dead 51 year old Saint Lucia businessman, Stan Pistol, at his business place – Kross Roads, at the junction of Cedars and Waterworks Roads.




  1. This is unacceptable for gunmen to be so brazen as ever so often to carry out these high day robberies. It is well known by now that Castries is a cesspool of crime. The police should maintain a high visibility in the city. These guys are going to strike again because they escape every time.

  2. One day one day, continue criminals, continue. One day you must get cought. Business places not leaving cash like before so I wonder what you all will do next. Go to the banks I guess

  3. Can CCTV scan the vehicle to get the registration number to track the owner.. I believe is one set of criminal who have the country in like no one is safe from this set of murders …I am sure that they read the news and comments on social media. They are cockroaches who should be in a cage for life without parole

  4. Yes it’s time to get the men off the streets we need more cameras in the city and the police need the camera app on their phones to locate them when people call I can make it happen for them.

  5. Black ghetto should stop making all these bad ass children for zombie men, because they are only producing the next generation of criminals!

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