Armed Bandits Rob Couple In Serenity Park

Armed bandits accosted a couple Wednesday night in Serenity Park, robbing them of their valuables, it has been reported.

According to an individual familiar with the incident, it occurred about 8.00 p.m.

The man and the woman were not injured, St Lucia Times was informed.

“Their bags were stolen along with their phones and wallets,” an informed source reported.

The source said the robbery happened while a few others happened to be in the park.

The individual stated that one of the bandits pointed a gun to the woman’s head and demanded that she and her male companion had over their valuables.

After obtaining the items, the young criminals left, it was reported.

A report is said to have been made to the police.

The source who informed St Lucia Times about the robbery expressed the view that the perpetrators could have been the same persons who shot and robbed Gros Islet bus driver, Ignatius Jn Baptiste in New Village Wednesday evening about 7.00 p.m.

Jn Baptiste was taken to hospital via private vehicle.

Residents of New Village told St Lucia Times that the bus driver had parked his vehicle after a day’s work and was walking towards his home when he was ambushed.



  1. Two armed assailants also robbed a bus driver at Leslie Land last night about 8:30. Luckily he was unharmed, they only got away with his cell phone.

  2. St Lucia’s legislation is as porous as its borders and that is very encouraging to the criminals. Criminals easily infiltrate and manipulate this broken system, I think. It’s time we exercise our energy and harness resources (or rather I say we “acquire” energy and resources) in the right places. We have become like sounding brass, everyone hears our harps but no one is dancing the tunes or are afraid to act?

  3. It’s like that is these guys professional occupation, just making several robberies in one night. And the thing is they will never see light with the stolen money as they will waste on Henessy, cigarettes and weed. It just so despressing man…

  4. There is a group of thieves operating in the Sans Souci area, breaking people houses and holding up people at nights. They have about 7-8 of them some live in the area some come from Morne Du don and some from the slums. Their days are numbered I hope their mothers and fathers prepare to bail or bury them because enough is enough. Some home have been broken into as many as 10times. Those who rent get fed up and move out because it is too much for a family to go through. Young men 18-30 just build on a life of crime.

  5. Reducing crime to a negligible level should be the government’s top priority. The country is falling apart. Criminals are getting bolder. Innocent people’s lives are at stake. It doesn’t matter the hour of the day, the criminals are going on their crime binge. The people have to demand more of their parliamentary representatives and they themselves have to work hand in glove with the police. The cooperation of the people is the most critical factor here.

  6. You know what st lucia .. Am tired of the law is not making an example of those thieves. …. the police, …. the prime minister, …. all the judges.. Mwen last tan batizzz.

    • Choops. If citizens were opening their traps to snitch, it would have been easier to find these criminals. Don’t come bashing authorities when you citizens does hide for y’all family and friends!

      • And when the police “snitch” on the “snitches” and the ordinary citizens get killed what happens? There is no witness protection program in St.Lucia and you dont know if the cop you’re talking to is a good or bad one. Why risk your life?

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