Armed bandits rob small business owner

Armed bandits robbed a female business owner Tuesday night.

Melita Ashford told the Times two young men dressed in black entered her shop near the Gros Islet bus stand.


“One had a gun – he told me not to move, not to talk, not to say anything or he would kill me and they took everything I had in the shop,” Ashford recalled.

The business owner told the Times the armed bandits took all the money in the store plus her handbag containing her passport, bank cards, her ID card and cheque book.

Ashford has appealed for the return of her passport and ID card.

She disclosed that she feels stressed and frustrated as a result of the armed robbery.

“I mean it was early, it was not a late night incident – it was just after seven,” the businesswoman who has been operating her shop in the location for about four years said.

She said it was hard to move forward.

“The incident is just there in my face every day,” Ashford lamented.

She said:

“People keep saying ‘it will get better; it will get better’ and I guess eventually it will, but for now when I wake up in the morning that is all I can think about.”

She said business people need protection.

Ashford called for the installation of surveillance cameras to help catch criminals.

The businesswoman explained that as a result of the armed robbery, at times she feels like giving up.

“What’s the point of working so hard and at the end of the day somebody comes and takes everything from you?” She said.

Ashford said that a report was made to the police about the incident.

She revealed that officers came to the scene to take photographs and statements.

Ashford said she feels very uncomfortable worrying about whether the criminals will strike again.

“We know we are in the Christmas season – it’s a busy season, I feel very uncomfortable,” she declared.



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